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Stone Look Wall 20 Creative Concepts

Stone Look Wall 20 Inventive Ideas

A stone-look wall offers different stone solutions: a large amount of narrow parts together adds kneadable components without exception with the same level of sophistication. The components are laid side by side and give the impression of a uniform stone wall with sculpture. Stylish interior using stone optic wall A …

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Small lounge arrange – 70 contemporary concepts!

Small living room set up - 70 fresh ideas!

You spend so much time there every day. Whether to talk to the whole family or just to relax, the path always leads there. Yes, exactly, it’s about the living room: the most important place in your home. Switch off on the sofa, have fun with friends over a glass …

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Front room inspiration in grey

Living room inspiration in gray

If you decide on living room inspiration in To use gray, you must be prepared for the beauty and charm of this color. The gray color is not just a tone between white and black. In fact, this shade can help you create a calming, more attractive and soothing atmosphere. …

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Dwelling Room Design

Living Room Design

  The modern living room design demands not only creative thinking, but also the observance of some simple rules. The living room – center of the house       Often the living room is determined as the center of the house. There the family members gather, guests are invited …

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Fuel fireplaces – 50 concepts for a comfy atmosphere

Gas fireplaces - 50 ideas for a cozy ambience

The gas fires look pretty much like the electrical ones and can very successfully mimic a wood burning fireplace. When sitting in front of the fireplace it is hard to guess if it works with gas or electricity. The difference between these two types is the gas system installed to …

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53 Minimalist DIY ornament concepts for contemporary lounge

53 Minimalist DIY decoration ideas for modern living room

Minimalist decorations for your modern living room? That certainly sounds very expensive and difficult to find. But that does not have to be the case if you make your living room furnishing and decoration yourself! So you can best combine the decorating ideas with the design and give your minimalist …

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