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Wall Decals Sayings – 21 nice deco concepts

Wall Decals Sayings - 21 great deco ideas

You want to freshen up your walls at home or completely new and stylishly decorate, but you have no idea how exactly to make that? Have you ever thought about wall tattoos? These are very popular lately and gain more and more popularity. They serve as a beautiful home accessory …

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Would an open kitchen be best for you?

Would an open kitchen be right for you?

The open kitchen is spatially connected to the room next door – mostly with the dining area and the living room. Such a kitchen is open in at least one place. This means that at least one wall is missing. The concept of open kitchen became popular in the 1990s …

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Clear the oven or how the oven will get clear once more?

Clean the oven or how the oven gets clean again?

If you have an oven at home or in your own garden, make sure that the stove is clean again. Actually, the cleaning of the oven is a must. Unfortunately, “this duty” is often valued as a real challenge, which makes it one of the most unpopular household chores. Frankly, …

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Christmas dinner concepts

Christmas dinner ideas

4 creative Christmas dinner ideas Christmas is the most popular celebration of children and adults as well. The whole family comes together, everyone exchanges gifts, guests and friends are invited. But here are the questions: what’s on the table and who should be in the kitchen for the whole holiday …

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Bosch Retro fridge as an accent within the kitchen: 20 concepts

Bosch Retro refrigerator as an accent in the kitchen: 20 ideas

Today’s refrigerators are large, modern, functional and usually designed in stainless steel or plain white. Too boring, right? The Bosch Retro Refrigerator offers you a beautiful colorful alternative. Its charming vintage look will create a different ambiance in your kitchen – read the article and take a look at the …

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42 fascinating kitchen worktops – supplies compared

42 fascinating kitchen worktops - materials in comparison

Modern kitchen designs, different variants, many styles and a range of materials. Your inspiration for your kitchen is truly endless. But there is a design part that plays a very important role. These are the kitchen plates! We have presented all designs and materials for you in comparison. With our …

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