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20 fascinating concepts for wooden wall cladding

20 fascinating ideas for wood wall cladding

If you have decided to refresh the atmosphere or completely renovate your home, it is a good idea to choose attractive wall coverings. The walls are the most accented accent in any home, so you should take enough time to do so. However, if you are not sure what materials …

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Attention-grabbing concepts for bicycle rack wall

Interesting ideas for bicycle rack wall

There are several ways to hang your bike against the wall like a work of art. There are many reasons, arguments, justifications, excuses, etc. why many of us do not ride a bike but instead jump into the car. They range from “I’m getting sweaty” to “the roads are too …

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Trendy wall clocks

Modern wall clocks

Some people might think that standard watches are outdated. The convenience of new technology – computers and cell phones always help us to know what time it is. The modern wall clocks are, but not only about the functionality. They show their own style and personality. A beautiful jewel is …

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Villeroy and Boch tile collections

Villeroy and Boch tile collections

Five Villeroy and Boch tile collections for the design of elegant and noble ambience. Be inspired by Creative System 4.0, Metallic Illusion, Monochrome Magic, Newtown and Bernina: Villeroy and Boch tiles collection CREATIVE SYSTEM 4.0 The colors are crucial for a harmonious interior The colors trigger emotions. They reassure or …

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Progressive wall cladding with acoustic panels

Innovative wall cladding with acoustic panels

Today, noise pollution is becoming a serious problem, especially in the big cities. Maybe you know that from personal experience if your apartment is next to a main road or airport. Thanks to advanced technology, however, wall cladding is now available that is both modern and can reduce unwanted noise. …

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Stone search for wall cladding could be very a lot in vogue

Stone look for wall cladding is very much in vogue

Lately, stone look for wall cladding is gaining more and more popularity. Most customers want an original alternative to the most common wall coverings – wallpapers, and the stone can give any room a cozy and stylish atmosphere. Here you would find original examples of this type wall cladding. Stone …

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Vertical backyard – develop vegetation vertically

Vertical garden - grow plants vertically

It is not necessary to limit the planting on the ground. From the smallest house to the largest building, invigorating the walls can have surprising benefits. The urban green revolution is all around us. From planted balconies to lush roof gardens, green walls, and innovative city planting systems, all of …

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