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Fashionable wall design: adorning with letters & numbers

Modern wall design: decorating with letters & numbers

For more individuality in your own home, there are large letters and numbers. On the wall, as a decorative object or as a commodity you set so extraordinary accents. This creates an exciting eye-catcher, which testifies to a high degree of creativity. TYPOGRAPHIC INDOOR DECORATION WITH PEPPER Deco with letters …

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The elegant colour taupe

The elegant color taupe

The color taupe, in other words beige-brown, refers to a dark brown color between brown and gray. The word comes from the French noun “taupe”, which means “a mole”. Originally, the word only refers to an average nuance of Mole fur, but from the 1940’s its use encompasses a wider …

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Make partitions with Washi Tape tape

Make walls with Washi Tape tape

The wall design is no limit. You want to customize the walls? Then go for the do-it-yourself version! It offers you numerous possibilities to surprise the whole family and your guests with creativity. Designing walls could turn into a breeze! Particularly impressive is the wall design with Washi tape tape. …

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Wall panels – a call for a comfy house

Wall panels - a decision for a cozy home

Coziness is one of the most important features of an apartment. How do you create such an atmosphere? Maybe you’re thinking of cuddly pillows, patterned curtains, a colorful rug. Our team will tell you: The wall design plays a big role in this. Walls covered with beautiful panels can create …

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Beton Cire – unbelievable wall design for each room

Beton Cire - fantastic wall design for every room

If you like the charm of the concrete and the unique clear wall design, you’re looking for clever alternatives that mimic this charming look. Not everyone has the opportunity to build a new building with the finest concrete. Concrete Cire comes to the rescue – the real competition to concrete! …

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