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Undercut with transition – the brand new, outdated pattern

Undercut with transition - the new, old trend

Beautiful hair is considered a beauty attribute in both men and women. Therefore, you need proper care, but also a suitable hairstyle. Do you want to attract everyone’s attention? Then put your hair in the right place by giving them more attractiveness. The attractive hairstyles are no limits. Men’s hairstyles …

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Develop a beard – suggestions and methods

Grow a beard - tips and tricks

The beard looks masculine, original and authentic. This body accessory stands as a symbol of wisdom and masculine strength, but could also add charm to men, especially when the beard is well-groomed and even. Beards are back in fashion thanks to the hipster movement. They are becoming popular with more …

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Spotlight gentle brown hair correctly

Highlight light brown hair properly

You want a different hair color? But you do not know yet which to choose? Then you are right here, ladies! Trendy hair color that never goes out of style: brown. Gold, Caramel, Espresso, Nougat, Cafe Latte: a variety of shades of brown at your disposal. Which shade suits you? …

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Blue hair for WOW impact

Blue hair for WOW effect

Hair is an important beauty attribute that gives you charm and attraction. Beautiful, healthy and shiny hair is particularly appreciated by women, but also by men as an attractive feature. But hair is even more attractive when dyed in the right shade. Hair colors are available to every taste. Whether …

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French braid is straightforward to braid – DIY information

French braid is easy to braid - DIY guide

A classic among braided hairstyles, and at the same time with a romantic effect. Yes, exactly, we mean the classic braid. This women’s hairstyle appears in a variety of variants. Whether for everyday use, for the office, or for the evening wear – for every occasion there is the right …

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