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Backyard sculptures – a protracted custom

Garden sculptures - a long tradition

Garden sculptures are one of the most famous and oldest ideas for garden decoration. Even in ancient times, the gardens and public squares were embellished according to their own taste with sculptures of various kinds and artists as a sign of respect or respect. Today, the garden sculptures are still …

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How is a entrance door cover constructed?

How is a front door canopy built?

A front door canopy provides a high level of wind protection, both for the door and for those who use it. The canopy protects against crosswinds, rain and snow. Standing on the doorstep and searching for the keys, back from working in the rain or in a blizzard, is a …

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Construct pizza oven – directions and pictures

Build pizza oven - instructions and photos

You want to build a pizza oven? Then you know that there are many different types of pizza ovens, from small clay ovens to larger concrete ovens. What exactly you choose to build depends on a number of factors, including budget, size constraints, time, what will you cook, etc … …

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Construct backyard desk your self – directions

Build garden table yourself - instructions

How do you like the idea of ​​building a garden table yourself? If you need new furniture, you should think about how to do it. Building a garden table yourself is as easy as making a coffee table out of pallets. Both tables are pretty similar, though they can perform …

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Steel Backyard Gates – 30 Concepts

Metal Garden Gates - 30 Ideas

The choice of the garden gate is a task that should not be underestimated. The gate is the face of every house and is the first thing that visitors, neighbors and passersby notice. What to choose – the magical beauty of wrought-iron garden gates or a modern iron gate? A …

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Flower desk ornament – a contemporary concept!

Flower table decoration - a fresh idea!

You want to refresh your apartment or terrace? Beautiful! Flower table decoration is the perfect way to do it! With a bit of creativity you will get interesting and magnificent results. Blumen Tischdeko – discreet and effective at the same time Tasteful Ideas of Flowers Table decoration can be found …

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Concrete planter: 25 spectacular deco concepts for the terrace

Concrete planter: 25 spectacular deco ideas for the terrace

Concrete flower boxes convince by their numerous advantages – they are not only particularly stable and resistant, but they also impress with their modern look and pleasant design. These types of planters are just as suitable for the balcony, the garden, the terrace, and can create a pleasant atmosphere even …

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Kentia palm

Kentia palm

Would you like to set up a tropical oasis in your living room or invigorate a corner in your patio? The Kentia palm (Howea forsteriana) is a popular choice among interior designers because it grows well in containers. The elegant palm tree develops very well indoors as it is extremely …

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5 examples of hardy balcony vegetation

5 examples of hardy balcony plants

Before selecting plants for the balcony, you should know if you can stay outside in winter. If you have no glazed balcony and insufficient space in your living room, winter hardy balcony plants are ideal for you. Hardy balcony plants – snow heath Hardy balcony plants can defy the snow …

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