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Nation type kitchen – Fashionable meets romance and custom

Country style kitchen - Modern meets romance and tradition

The country house style combines the cosiness and the good craftsmanship to an incomparable kitchen style. The sturdy workmanship and the natural materials like wood and stone are significant for a kitchen country style. A kitchen in the country house style exudes a very special peace and coziness. The possibilities …

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12 the explanation why a freight forwarder is sensible

12 reasons why a freight forwarder makes sense

Eleven percent of the German population moves every year. That’s almost nine million households. Measuring, packing, dismantling furniture … there is a lot to do and a lot to keep in mind. If you can not count on the help of a professional moving company, you have a lot of …

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Construct a desk your self – that is the way it works

Build a desk yourself - that's how it works

When it comes to the perfect home design, furniture is always the focus. You could not only beautify your home, but also give it a whole new look. The choice of the right pieces of furniture should therefore not be underestimated. But if you want to give your home a …

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