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Nice concepts and appropriate supplies for balcony paneling

Great ideas and suitable materials for balcony paneling

The balcony cladding has two important functions – on the one hand it serves as weather and wind protection, on the other hand it transforms the balcony into a pleasant, private place, where one is protected from unwanted foreign glances. In this article you will find some inspiring and modern …

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The 60 greatest DIY decorations to your terraces!

The 60 best DIY decorations for your terraces!

Spring is the happiest and most magical season! Colorful trees and bushes, the first delicate blades of grass and a summer breeze that sweeps through your hair … .If you want to bring that mood to your terrace or balcony, you’ve come to the right place! Not only the flowers …

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Arrange the balcony: 20 strategies for an attractive balcony floor!

Set up the balcony: 20 suggestions for a beautiful balcony surface!

Are you looking for a terrace and balcony decking? When planning a balcony, however, the question often comes up: which fits perfectly to your apartment? How do you imagine the perfect flooring for your balcony? Should it be mechanically resilient, comfortable, attractive looking, easy to clean and also inexpensive? Yes, …

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Huge planters – 40 artistic concepts

Big planters - 40 creative ideas

What are big planters? The big planters are containers for holding one or more plant species and stand next to benches and other significant equipment details of public spaces, especially pedestrian areas. They also serve as a boundary of roads. Their proliferation leads back to the fact that they combine …

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50 concepts for design backyard and patio furnishings

50 ideas for design garden and patio furniture

Imagine … a sunny afternoon, all the worries of stressful everyday life are forgotten, you lie on a comfortable armchair in the garden or on the terrace with a book and a cup of coffee in your hand. As unbelievable as it sounds, it is realistic! Only with our ideas …

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Disguise your balcony: 27 concepts for Balkonumrandung

Disguise your balcony: 27 ideas for Balkonumrandung

The balcony is this place of your home, where you can dream in peace and enjoy the sun undisturbed. Disguise your balcony and protect it from the prying eyes. The balcony border is not necessarily boring. With our colorful ideas, the privacy screen will bring even more good mood and …

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