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Carving Halloween pumpkin: unique concepts + 10 templates to print

Pumpkins carve for Halloween instructions

It’s October, Halloween is knocking on the door and you should start preparing for the party soon. It is important not only to find a great costume and make the perfect make-up, but also to decorate the apartment accordingly. Therefore, in this post we give you some creative ideas for impressive decoration with pumpkins. Learn how to make a Halloween pumpkin, and find 10 interesting templates to print along with helpful hints. We hope you enjoy our ideas and hope you enjoy reading!

Carving Halloween pumpkin – impressive interior and exterior decorating ideas

Halloween pumpkin fine carving

Pumpkins carve Halloween ribcage

Halloween pumpkin carving a great candle lantern

Pumpkin Face Funny Decoration Ideas Halloween

When it comes to Halloween, the traditional pumpkin lanterns are indispensable. But not everyone can carve a Halloween pumpkin – there are some tricks that you should know in advance to get the desired result. Therefore, we show you below, which golden rules are to be considered when hollowing, carving and shaping the pumpkins, so that you get in the end small works of art. At the end of the article you will also find 10 original templates that you can download for free, print and use to carve the pumpkins. Follow our tips and impress your family and neighbors with stylish and professionally made Halloween decoration. We wish you much success!

Carving Halloween pumpkin – helpful tips

Pumpkin Face Funny Decoration Ideas Halloween

Pumpkin carve Chinese motifs dragon

Pumpkin Halloween impressive design ideas

Halloween Pumpkin Creative Craft Ideas DIY

If you want to create impressive indoor or outdoor Halloween decorations, it’s a good idea to choose pumpkins in different sizes – so the result will look much more interesting. You should know that the smaller the pumpkin, the harder it is to hollow out and decorate. Therefore, if your children also participate in carving, give them the largest possible fruit with soft meat. The pumpkin varieties that work the easiest and are best for Halloween decoration are Howde, Early Harvest, Rocket, Non and Aspen.

Carving pumpkin: how does that work?

Carve and paint halloween pumpkin

Carving pumpkin and painting spider

Halloween pumpkin carving with biscuit shapes

Halloween pumpkin carving ornate ideas

If you have no previous experience of carving the Halloween pumpkins, you should allow enough time for the task before the party so that you will be satisfied with the finished decoration at the end. In addition to the pumpkins, they also need a sharp knife, some hair-saving, a pencil and candles for the lighting afterwards (to avoid the risk of fire, you can also use fairy lights). The carving of the pumpkins is actually very easy – first, you should cut out the lid. To do this, use a knife or a small saw, making sure that the cut is wedge-shaped and slightly slanted inward – this is actually very important for the correct position of the lid after it has been hollowed out. Keep the gourd green so you can use it as a handle later.

Carving pumpkins for beginners – instructions

Pumpkin face scary Halloween

Halloween pumpkin make great lantern yourself

Pumpkins carve champagne coolers

The next step is to hollow out every pumpkin with a spoon or ice cream scoop (do not forget that the pumpkin meat is delicious and can be used for fascinating fall recipes). Then you should carve the pumpkins as you like by painting creepy or funny faces on the pencil. It is much easier if you use ready-to-use templates, such as those at the end of the article. When cutting, it is best to start with the mouth to determine the correct proportions of the face. Alternatively, you could cut out figures in the pumpkin bowl with biscuit shapes. Help yourself with a hammer and be extra careful not to damage the pumpkins and avoid injury! When you’re done with the carving, sprinkle the pumpkins with a little hair spray to keep you longer. If you wish, you can also paint and varnish, but this takes a little more time. Finally put a candle or string of lights in the hollowed-out pumpkin – now you have a beautiful Halloween lantern, with which you can decorate both the apartment, as well as the terrace and the garden!

Halloween pumpkin carving templates

Halloween pumpkin carving templates eyes

Halloween pumpkin carving templates Dracula

Halloween pumpkin carving templates Moon owl

Pumpkin template flying witch

Pumpkin template Frankenstein's Bride

Pumpkin template ghosts

Halloween pumpkin carve template witch

Pumpkin Halloween Carving Template Cat Moon

Halloween pumpkin carving templates witch hat

Pumpkin template Halloween raven

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