Carnival Make Up At The Final Second: Clown Make Up Directions
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Carnival Make Up At The Final Second: Clown Make Up Directions

Clown make-up carnival

Just a week to the beginning of the carnival and you have no idea what to go to carnival? No stress! You are right here. Only for a minute and without matching clothes you can create a beautiful carnival costume. We show you how to put on a clown very easily. These make-up tips are also perfect for Halloween , Get creative ideas from our examples in the picture gallery. Try it out right now! Have fun!

Last Minute Carnival Costume: Clown make-up

Make-up clown at the last moment instructions

All you need to make-up clown’s face is water-soluble make-up and make-up brushes. You can also use professional carnival make up or cake make up. They are also ideal for children. The basic colors you need are white, black and red. But let your imagination run wild so that your carnival makeup will be even more beautiful!

Clown make-up carnival costume

How do you make up as a clown at the last moment? DIY instructions:

How do you make yourself a clown?

Child make-up for carnival: make-up of clown face

Clown face paint

Instructions: Clown face paint

Children's clown make-up

We will use the white make-up color as a base make-up. Apply to the face with a brush or better with a sponge. At your request, you can either paint a whole clown’s face or just a part. If it is child make-up, we recommend only the one part make-up.

Eye make-up with different techniques

Make up children's clown face

Make up children's clown face

After the make up basis your imagination should know no limit. The colors and the design you can freely choose according to your ideas and tastes. Important to create clown look are the areas around the mouth and eyes. For this area and for eyebrows you need a make-up stick. To make a thin line, you do not necessarily need a thin brush. Be sure to use black make-up. The last step is the rouge of the clown. Here you can either use a real rouge or red make-up that you can apply to your face again with a brush. So that the colors do not go away, we recommend to use theatrical make-up.


Do you still need inspiration? Scroll down to find even more clown faces!

Clown make up woman

Clown make-up instructions for the eyes

Mime make-up

Clown Make Up for Men

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