Care or change: Directions for dyeing leather-based
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Care or change: Directions for dyeing leather-based

Do you know the classic heavy leather armchairs and leather sofas? Yes, they went out of style 10 years ago, but today they are absolute eye-catchers in Baroque style and rustic style of living. People pay thousands for these leather furniture. If you have such a piece of art at home, the leather may need renovation. No worries! With our helpful guide you will dye the leather in 5 easy steps and have breathtaking leather armchairs or sofa! You can also give your old leather shoes and leather dresses a new life! Follow our free guide!

Colorize Instructions for Leather: Transform the old furniture into new ones

Leather dyeing - instructions

Choose the right shade of leather color

Color leather - Choose the right color

The first step is the selection of the color. You can choose between alcohol and water based colors. You do not need to decide now on matt or gloss, because after dyeing leather you can use a leather shine care. The water-based color makes the leather soft. But if you dye leather dresses, choose the alcohol-based colors. It’s best to see the leather sample in your selection as the color of the dried leather changes.

Step 1: The cleaning

Dye leather - Step 1 is cleaning

Step 2: Moisten the leather first

Before you dye leather you need to moisten leather

To remove the leather finish, you must first clean it. The cleaning goes with a means for leather preparation. Then comes the moistening of the leather. Fill a spray bottle with water and moisten the surface of the leather. The leather does not have to be too wet. In this way, it absorbs the color faster and you get a consistent result. Some leather colors do not require this step and you can start dyeing after leather preparation.

Step 3: Now comes the first coat of paint: follow the instructions of the paint

Leather dyeing guide

Step 4: In order to get the desired color you need 6-7 layers of color

Leather dyeing guide

Finished! You have a brand new leather chair

Leather Dyeing - At your option you can use leather shine care

Allow the leather to dry for at least 24 hours before proceeding with polishing. The leather must be polished with a clean cloth or leather care from the market. Only the surface of the leather is polished, so remove all other parts. The leather care will leave a shiny finish on the leather.

Make matt patent leather shiny again with bananas

Leather dye and shine with bananas

Dyeing with leather brings variety in the old clothes

Leather dyeing brings variety to the wardrobe

The black gloves can be custom leather dyeing

Leather dyeing with aid

Prepare the leather before dyeing the leather

They dye absolutely new shoes with leather

After dyeing the leather you have to take care of it

Black leather dyeing

Tutorial of Leather Dyeing

For the shoes you have to carefully dye the leather

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