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Brühl Sofas – ardour for design

Brühl Sofa’s seating concepts provide modern solutions to the needs of ever-changing lifestyles. They are characterized by their lively, versatile design and exemplary sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Brühl Sofas Attitude – Design by Kati Meyer-Brühl

brühl sofas-model-attitude-black

Pleasantly soft or with slightly more comfortable seating, with steering armrests that make the seats in longchairs, hidden headrest mounts – all this transforms the sofa into a luxurious cozy piece of furniture. The back cushions are attached by button or accentuated decorative cross seams. As a two-seater or 2.5-seater. Removable.

A Luxurious piece of furniture by Brühl Sofas

brühl sofas-model-attitude-turquoise

Grace – Design Kati Meyer-Brühl

Brühl-sofas model grace-2

Aesthetic Practicality: The aesthetic is full of an exquisite lightness that seems to transcend the material. The clean design effortlessly adapts to any interior design and develops a strong aesthetic presence because of its precise lines, edges and dimensions. The seat and backrest angles and the high quality upholstery offer a surprisingly high level of comfort. Either completely covered with removable fabric or leather covers or with a simple plywood construction. The covers are accented with flat seams.

Nutmeg – Design Kati Meyer-Brühl

brühl sofas-model-grace-zweisitzer

brühl sofas-model-muscat-black

brühl sofas-model-muscat-gray-blue
The muscat two-seater and armchairs, with a solid black or ecru canopy seat, padded loose cushions and a soft back cushion, look casual and comfortable, thanks to their reduced eye-catching designs that have no visually annoying excess functions or heaviness. Due to their minimalist, uncomplicated look, they fit everywhere. They develop their airy charm as well as in the urban as well as the rustic interior. brühl sofas-model-muscat-black

Optionally available loose armrests, which additionally increase the comfort, which is already surprisingly high thanks to the angle of the seat and the back. The solid beech frame was oiled either with a colored or with a transparent oil. A choice of fabric or leather covers is available for the upholstery elements.

brühl sofas-model-muscat-zweisitzer

Brühl Sofas: Four-Two – Furniture Jablonski in Essen / Mülheim Dusseldorf

Magnat – Design Erik Magnussen

Brühl-sofas model magnat-2

Magnat’s appeal lies in the utmost simplicity, clarity and elegance of the design of Brühl Sofas, which looks a bit sparse. It has outwardly curved armrests and a graceful contour, which provides plenty of freedom of movement when you sit down. The high-quality leather covers look particularly striking in their shape, the padding surfaces are smooth. These timeless pieces of furniture are extremely durable.

brühl sofas-model-magnate-black

Amber – Design Roland Meyer-Brühl

brühl sofas-model-amber-yellow

brühl sofas-model-amber-yellow-2

Amber is a multi-layered material that transforms your interior with its many conversion options into a versatile oasis – with fully adjustable armrests and backrests, soft diamond quilted upholstery and a clear, geometric structure. Here as a luxurious 2.5-seater in velvety, but firm kartausenfarbenes leather, equipped with low armrests. With rectangular chrome sled bases, alternatively with sledges made of wood. Armrests optional in a high or low version. brühl sofas-model-amber-gray

brühl sofas-model-deep-space-quality-upholstery

Numerous armrests, optional material for the bases and the covers, a storage table make deep space an individually configurable piece of furniture. The concave armrests accentuate the dynamic contour and the slightly conical overall shape of the sofa, while the cuboid character gives the remaining elements a minimalist touch. The slightly angled feet are elegant and cheerful; The graceful sled bases emphasize the generous volume of the cushions and reinforce the impression that the sofa seems to float in the air. They are a particularly suitable choice for sofas without a table. The backrests are individually adjustable, while the seats can be pulled out by 25 cm. The covers are removable. Armchair: aesthetics.

brühl sofas-model-deep-space-leather sofa

Moule – Design Roland Meyer-Brühl brühl sofas-model-moule-pink

A surprisingly wide range of conversion options make moule unique. The range transforms so easily thanks to the flexible swivel seats and independent mobile back and armrests. Moule is not only a breathtaking piece of seating or lounger, it also converts into a comfortable double bed. A height-adjustable undercarriage in chrome or black-chrome provides additional comfort. The removable covers are made of soft gray wool felt.

brühl sofas-model-moule-black

Mosspink – Design Kati Meyer-Brühl

brühl sofas-model-mosspink Beige

The mosspink design is environmentally friendly, innovative and durable. The backrest consists of cushions that are easily stacked on top of each other, like pebbles, so that they offer maximum comfort.

brühl sofas-model-moss pink-gray

brühl sofas-model-alba

brühl sofas-model-alba-armrests

brühl sofas-model-alba sofas

brühl sofas-model-amber-in-blue

brühl sofas-model-amber leather sofa

brühl sofas-model-amber-red

brühl sofas-model-amber-black

brühl sofas-model-carousel

brühl sofas-model-carousel-garutoene

brühl sofas-model-carousel-tobacco color

brühl sofas-model-deep-space-modern

brühl sofas-model-deep-space black

brühl sofas-model-deep-space-white

brühl sofas-model-deep-space zweisitzer

brühl sofas-model-easy-peaces

brühl sofas-model-easy-peaces-black-blue

brühl sofas-model-jerry-yellow

brühl sofas-model-jerry-sofa bed

brühl sofas-model-jerry-white-green

brühl sofas-model-mosspink-innovative-designed

brühl sofas-model-mosspink-wool fabric

brühl sofas-model-mosspink-zyklam

brühl sofas-model-moule-blue

brühl sofas-model-moule-lime

brühl sofas-model-roro

brühl sofas-model-grace-black-and-two

brühl sofas-model-roro-medium

brühl sofas-model-visavis

brühl sofas-model-visavis-black

brühl sofas model visavis white

brühl sofas-model-grace-black

brühl sofas-model-magnate-zweisitzer

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