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Boxspring beds – “Sleep as on clouds” made true

Boxspring luxury for connoisseurs

Who does not dream after a hard day to just fall on the bed? With the right choice of your own bed, you treat yourself not only a healthy relaxation for body and soul, but also a special quality of life. Boxspring beds are considered to be a very comfortable and luxurious sleeping system, which differs from the classic bed made of slatted frame and mattress. The layer structure gives an incomparable sleeping comfort and invites you to dream. The stacking design is special about a box spring bed, because it offers not only unimagined relaxation, but also a healthy support of the back. If you have not made your decision yet, you can learn more about the features and benefits of a box spring bed here.

Boxspring beds – heavenly comfort and healthy sleep

Box spring beds heavenly comfort and healthy sleep

“Sleep is the most delicious recovery,” says Heinrich Heine. Sleep well and wake up refreshed is an indication of a healthy life and the bed plays a crucial role. Boxspring beds are larger, taller and more comfortable than conventional beds. That comes from the stack design and the multiple layers. The three different stacked mattresses are not on the classic slatted frame, but on a metal-sprung frame. The comfortable bed height is very comfortable for adults and especially for people with back problems, and facilitates getting in and out. A box spring bed is an investment in your own health and always pays off when you wake up feeling refreshed and well rested. An easy-care topper spares the mattress, which will be selected in individual degrees of hardness. When choosing a box spring bed, you should absolutely test and test whether the bed exactly meets your requirements. Only if you have found the right box spring bed for yourself will you be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep. A huge selection and many configuration options according to your own desire, see , An excellent customer service makes it easier for you to find a suitable box spring bed and experience the soft sleeping comfort yourself.

Health-friendly properties that convince

Box spring bed - the best for allergy sufferers

The breathable materials and the air-permeable boxes prevent allergic reactions. In addition to ergonomic aspects, the good ventilation of the box spring beds is an additional advantage and even an argument for allergy sufferers. There are two spring cores on top of each other – one in the box spring and one in the upper mattress. When you move in bed, the springs move and so there is an increased air circulation. Dust mites, for example, develop in a warm environment with high humidity and feed on the fallen dander. That’s why mattresses, pillows and upholstery are the perfect living space for them. To be able to sleep peacefully and not to think about it, allergy sufferers in their beds should create as milkmun-unfriendly environment. The air circulation in the box spring bed reduces both the heat and the humidity, so the bed does not provide any irritating living conditions for mites. The topper as the top layer is designed to be easy to care for and user-friendly. It has a removable cover, which is washable at 60 ° C and thereby the mites are killed. There are toppers made of special materials and anti-allergic covers. For allergy sufferers, a leather-covered box spring bed is better than one with a textile, because it is easy to clean.

What are the advantages of the boxspring beds?

Boxspringbed - like sleeping on clouds

After a good and restful night’s sleep, the start of the new day is much more pleasant. And if you have a box spring bed in the bedroom, you can already enjoy several benefits:

  • unbeatable sleeping comfort
  • simple, luxurious look
  • high entry and exit
  • different colors and designs
  • suitable for everyone
  • Suspension for optimal support
  • Topper for extra comfort and relief
  • Configuration at your own request
  • different sizes
  • different price ranges
  • different toppers and mattresses in the selection

Design, color, size, topper and mattresses at your own request

Boxspring beds are created for connoisseurs. A box spring bed in your own bedroom is already a luxury piece, which not only prepares you for the wonderful rest, but also supports your health. Let yourself be inspired and advised, take time for test-beds, and remember how valuable healthy sleep is?

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