Bosch Retro fridge as an accent within the kitchen: 20 concepts
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Bosch Retro fridge as an accent within the kitchen: 20 concepts

Bosch retro refrigerator red

Today’s refrigerators are large, modern, functional and usually designed in stainless steel or plain white. Too boring, right? The Bosch Retro Refrigerator offers you a beautiful colorful alternative. Its charming vintage look will create a different ambiance in your kitchen – read the article and take a look at the photos to see for yourself!

Bosch Retro refrigerator: modern interior + charming retro look

Bosch Retro refrigerator pink interior modern

Bosch retro fridge colorful design burgundy

big retro fridge in light green

light blue Bosch retro fridge

Bosch Retro Refrigerator Variety of colors and models

Bosch retro refrigerator large different models color scheme

Retro refrigerator Bosch white classic look

Retro refrigerator Bosch two splendid models interior

Bosch retro refrigerator red modern interior

Retro refrigerator Bosch variety of different colors and nuances

Bosch retro refrigerator is actually “retro” only from the outside. The interior design is designed according to today’s standards and the Bosch refrigerator can perform all the functions that are characteristic of the “modern” refrigerators. It has a large vegetable compartment, bottle cage, freezer with ice cube tray, spacious compartments and shelves, super cool function. Inside, there is also integrated LED lighting. The model has a total useful life of 164 liters – even enough for a large family (the volume of the freezer compartment is about 17 liters). The price is also not high at all – compared to the latest models, you can buy the Bosch refrigerator for about 1000 euros, and consumes – for 500-600 euros. The quality is not at all in question – as a manufacturer, Bosch has long established itself on the market.

Bosch Retro Fridge – a gorgeous, colorful accent in the kitchen

Bosch retro fridge fascinating color scheme

Bosch retro fridge as an accent in the kitchen

Bosch retro refrigerator pink gorgeous design

original Bosch retro fridge in light blue

Bosch retro fridge white gorgeous design

Bosch retro fridge in light blue white kitchen

Bosch Retro refrigerator original color scheme light yellow

Retro fridge big white

gorgeous Bosch retro fridge color red

The charm of Bosch Retro refrigerator is actually due to its gorgeous design – it was designed in 1949 and since then has not changed, defying the constantly changing trends. Its compact shape, rounded corners and chrome handle make it a beautiful option for any kitchen – large or small. In a modern or vintage style. The models are available in a variety of fascinating colors – light green, red, orange, blue, brown, black, gray, white, even pink and cappuccino! So you can choose the color and nuance that harmonizes best with your kitchen equipment. The Bosch refrigerator is a delightful mix between new and old – modern interior and charming retro look, and can also give your kitchen a unique ambience!

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