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Beton Deko – Christmas decorations manufactured from concrete: 34 DIY directions

Concrete decoration Christmas

Have you ever dreamed that the Christmas decoration will stay home forever? Then use an eternal material to make Christmas decorations yourself. And no, this is not about wood, it’s about concrete! If you want to deviate from the tradition and make a modern and trendy decoration for Christmas, then you are right here, where you will get to know the world of concrete decoration and make atypical decorations themselves. If you have not tinkered with concrete, then convince yourself of the benefits of this crafting material.

Concrete decoration for Christmas – perpetuate the Christmas mood

Christmas star tinker - concrete decoration

The concrete decoration creates a sense of Scandinavian living and gives your home a cozy and festive atmosphere. That’s why the best occasion for concrete pouring is Christmas! Each of us knows how many costs the party is associated with and the Christmas decorations are incredibly expensive. On the other hand, the materials for concrete decoration cost only a few euros and making things easy is child’s play. On the Internet you will find many instructions for Christmas ornaments, but if you know the basics, then you can create a desired shape – from various figures on trays or plates to candlesticks for the 1st Advent or Christmas. All you have to do is make concrete and pour it into the desired molds. You can either buy these shapes or make them yourself. You will learn how to do both of these activities yourself in our DIY guide.

Make your own concrete decoration – make DIY Christmas tree decorations

Concrete decoration DIY concrete

Concrete yourself

Make concrete decoration yourself

As we said above, the first step is to make the concrete yourself. This step is very simple and is the basis for your concrete deco do it yourself. For the production you need a mixture of cement, sand and water. If you do not want to get your hands dirty, use concrete pre-mixes that you can find in any hardware store. Another alternative is the kneaded concrete. In recent years, craftsmanship with kneading concrete is very popular, because with kneading concrete, you can form the concrete like plasticine and make it easy to make beautiful shapes without casting molds. Then you just need to pour the finished concrete into molds. As a first guide we have chosen a light version – round that you can have either plastic, wood, etc. Christmas balls are the classic on the Christmas tree, but concrete Christmas ornaments can be the eye-catcher!

Let the concrete harden and topple it out of the mold

Make concrete decoration for Christmas

Then sand the finished ornaments

Make concrete decoration yourself

The polished concrete figures can be painted to your liking

And done! Whether on the Christmas wreath or on the Christmas tree, the Christmas decoration made of concrete will catch your eye!

Concrete decoration instructions

Concrete decoration has been a trend for years. You can not break the concrete decoration. More and more often, the concrete is used not only in the living room, but also as a garden decoration, for the balcony, and for bathroom accessories. In the kitchen, there is no more fruit basket or wooden bowls, but concrete! You can do it all yourself, it’s easy and fun for the whole family! You can not do more with a material! You only need more inspiration to make your outstanding concrete decoration! Scroll down to collect more creative ideas!

To have a Christmas tree for ever – make Christmas tree out of concrete

Concrete deco DIY concrete Christmas tree

The instruction:

Concrete decoration yourself make DIY instructions

Make concrete decoration yourself instructions

Concrete decoration - make Christmas decoration yourself

Concrete deco DIY concrete Christmas tree

With the same shape and instructions, you can also make this Christmas decoration yourself:

Decoration ideas with concrete

You just need a felt hat and a little imagination!

Concrete Decoration Ideas - DIY Instructions

Concrete Decoration Ideas - DIY Instructions

Make concrete decoration yourself

Make concrete decoration yourself

Use golden foil to make your Christmas decoration shine!

Make Christmas decorations

Concrete and copper can be perfectly combined!

Scandinavian concrete decoration ideas

Our team wishes you cozy winter days and an unforgettable Christmas!

Concrete scandinavian decoration

Christmas decoration concrete decoration

Concrete seal DIY concrete decoration

Concrete decoration Christmas decoration

Make concrete Christmas tree decorations with concrete

Christmas tree Christmas tree decoration concrete decoration

Make concrete decoration for Christmas

Concrete decoration Christmas tree decorations

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