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Bed room arrange – 6 gorgeous trendy visions

Bedroom set up Baroque style unique look

Many famous designers believe that the bedroom is the soul of its owner. The décor of this room should at the same time radiate elegance and comfort, transforming it into an oasis of calm in the home. In this article, we introduce you to 6 stunning modern visions that give you an idea of ​​how to set up your bedroom. Let yourself be inspired!

Bedroom set up – chic in industrial style

Bedroom decorate original ideas industrial style

Bedroom set up industrially modern ideas

Bedroom set up industrial urban flair

Bedroom industrial style breathtakingly modern

typical bedroom in industrial style

Bedroom set up modern ideas industrial style

3 bedrooms industrial style

Do you like the comfortable furniture with urban flair? Then you can set up your bedroom in industrial style! This style is inspired by the rapid urbanization that often transforms old factories into modern homes. In doing so, a special emphasis is placed on the peculiarities of the architecture and the history of the buildings. This trend is relatively new in the field of interior design, but is now extremely popular. Characteristic of the bedrooms in the industrial style are the purist look, the rustic furniture, the unbehagelten brick walls and the old tube on the ceiling – only as a decorative element. You can set up your bedroom quickly and easily in an industrial style by opting for furniture with shiny metal surfaces or leather upholstery – they are typical of this style, and do without superfluous decorations.

Bedroom set up – the splendor of baroque furniture

Bedroom set up Baroque style

Bedroom furnishings Baroque style sumptuous ambience

Bedroom decorate original ideas Baroque style

Bedroom set up Baroque furniture

sumptuous bedroom set up in Baroque style

Bedroom furnishings Baroque style sumptuous ambience

Bedroom set up baroque furniture huge bed

Bedroom furnishings splendor in Baroque style

If you get a truly gorgeous look in your bedroom, the Baroque style is just for you! The modernized interpretation of the leading furnishing style for the XVII. If you are a fan of luxury, you will certainly like the 19th century. Characteristic of the interior are noble nuances such as golden, red, mustard yellow and the timelessly modern black and white. The Baroque furniture is characterized by many ornaments and magnificent decorations. It can only be used as an accent in the bedroom furniture or set up the room completely in Baroque style – like royal apartments.

Bedroom set up – the romantic atmosphere of the country style

Bedroom decorate neutral colors country style

Bedroom set up country style gorgeous look

Bedroom in country style

Bedroom furnish country style accents in white

Bedroom decor wood furniture country style

Bedroom furnish country style classic look

Bedroom furnished country style

Bedroom set up country style gorgeous look

Bedroom furnished country style

The country-style bedroom furniture looks inviting, cozy and even a bit romantic. This style is particularly well suited for a flat in the city – for example, if you lived in the countryside as a small child, this kind of decor will remind you. The country house furniture is mainly made of wood – pine, oak, birch, often with beautiful wood carving and decorative ornaments of blacksmith steel. Characteristic of the interior are the warm colors and the decorations such as soft cushions, colorful curtains, large mirrors and original vintage lamps. If you want to furnish your bedroom in country style, it is a good idea to look in an antique shop or at the flea market for matching bed, dresser or wardrobe.

Less is more – minimalist style

Bedroom set up minimalist geometric shapes

Bedroom set up minimalist style

Bedroom decorate minimalist original wall decor

Bedroom set up minimalist

Bedroom set up minimalist

The minimalist furnishing style is very trendy today and looks very chic in the bedroom. His basic principles are: “Only the necessary!” And “Less is more!” – for this reason, the minimalist decor is sparse and very puristic. Their most important features are the shiny glass and metal surfaces of the furniture, the geometric shapes and the neutral color scheme – beige, gray, sand color, white and brown, which create the ideal background for modern furniture.

Comfort and elegance in Scandinavian style

Modern bedroom set up Scandinavian geometric motifs

Bedroom decor Scandinavian accent wall in light blue

Bedroom furnished Scandinavian style two beds

Bedroom in Scandinavian style

Bedroom set up modern design Scandinavian

Bedroom decor Scandinavian elegance and comfort

The Scandinavian furnishing style also relies on neutral color design, which makes it very harmonious and elegant. The Scandinavian furniture is really comfortable and practical – you may have heard of the so-called box spring beds, which come from the northern countries of Norway, Denmark and Finland and guarantee the best sleeping comfort with their functional design. A Scandinavian style bedroom is elegant and cozy, the decor is puristic, but does not exclude decorative elements such as cuddly colorful pillows or vintage decorative lamps. If you are a fan of elegance and comfort, you will undoubtedly fall in love with this style!

The charm of the maritime furniture

Bedroom set up maritime furniture

Bedroom set up unique maritime furniture

Bedroom set maritime style unique

Bedroom maritime style shell bed

If you want a rather unusual design for your bedroom, opt for maritime furniture! They are inspired by the beauty of the sea and therefore they can bring a breath of fresh air to their own four walls. The maritime furnishing style is typical of the Mediterranean countries, such as Greece, and looks enchanting. See the pictures above to make sure!

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