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Backyard design made simple – inventive concepts for the outside

Garden design to a uniform overall picture

In the warm months garden and balcony transform into a second living room. Who does not like chilling out in the summer? “A beautiful garden wipes the dust of everyday life from the soul”. In this sense, everyone dreams after a stressful day of enjoying a few hours of cozy hours with a great book or a glass of wine under the open sky. To create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere in your own garden or balcony is the most important thing in the design of the outdoor area. Details, such as lighting and decoration are by no means to be underestimated in garden design, because they give the general picture that certain something. If you have one or more children and of course enough room for a play corner, you can secure them great playtime outside under the supervision of parents who are allowed to relax in the area.

Gartengestaltung – My house, my garden, my rest

Garden design - my house, my garden, my peace

Everyone has their own idea of ​​his dream garden. For some, a pool is crucial, others prefer green space, nicely decorated with a cozy barbecue and sitting area. To get the most out of the available garden, some basic gardening rules should be followed:

  1. Perceive the circumstances of the property and divide it into a covered space so that the space is used optimally and as much space as possible remains.
  2. Garden should fit the house and represent a unified overall picture.
  3. The personal preferences flow in order to achieve individuality and coziness.
  4. Optics are as important as functionality.

Screen fence for separation from the outside world

Privacy protection for unwanted attention from outside

A simple and effective solution to protect yourself from unwanted attention is good garden vision protection. As a screen often hedges or bushes are planted. But you need more space, care and patience until the plants grow opaque. If you can not take this time and patience, you can get flexible privacy mats. For permanent and long-lasting privacy in the garden, fixed privacy screens and fences are also used, which can be made of wood, plastic, metal, aluminum, natural materials or glass. This creates a retreat for relaxation from day one. You will find many ideas and suggestions for your garden , Even if you have no need for action, look at the products in the shop and be inspired. You are guaranteed to find enough creative ideas and imaginative design options for your garden.

The right garden furniture to relax

Garden furniture for a stylish garden design

After the privacy is ensured, it comes to the choice of garden furniture. These should be chosen comfortable and durable. As with the furnishing of a living room, there are just as many different styles, materials and colors in the garden furniture. Once you have thought about the seating options and defined the style, the requirements are almost self-evident. In hot summer days, it is important to have the opportunity to hide in the shade from the blazing sunbeams. If there are no trees for a pleasant shade near the seating area, you should get a suitable parasol.

Play corner in the garden – a child’s dream

Children like to play outside in the fresh air. A play area in the garden ensures the best children’s entertainment. The best part is that your child can play there alone while you are busy with something else inside the house. Above all, a well-covered play area should be safe and harmless for the child. Pay attention to the materials and choose natural materials or plastics that have been harmlessly processed for child health. Highly interesting are playground equipment that provides variety and developmental support of the child. Fall protection tiles as flooring will save many children’s tears.

Garden decoration for the certain something in garden design

Garden decoration gives that something special

Garden decoration sets the icing on the garden design, so that you feel really comfortable and relaxed in your own garden. Just like in our own home, we need a few lanterns, cuddly pillows and all the things that create a romantic and cozy atmosphere in the garden. Beautiful stylish planters combined with matching plants provide an overall picture that can be transformed with a few simple touches. In garden design, as in our own home, plants can be style defining. In addition to the different optics, plants can also have different functions. For example, we expect fruit to be consumed by a fruit tree, a flower garden provides a fresh floral scent in the outdoor area, and the hedge is expected to provide pure privacy. “In the garden, there is a lot of beauty and work forever,” therefore, if you prefer a low-maintenance alternative to the elaborate flower and meadow care, is right with a rock garden. It not only saves a lot of work, but also the water consumption is much lower. Gather ideas before you start with a garden design. Let your imagination run wild and make your living room in the garden stylish and functional, to provide comfort and a special ambience in your own garden.

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