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Authentic Halloween costumes and make-up suggestions for girls

Halloween costumes for women witch

Dear ladies, are you looking for original ideas for beautiful Halloween costumes? Then you are right here! In this post we give you a few more useful Makeup tips to guarantee your effecfull and unforgettable scary performance at the Halloween Party!

The costume as an inseparable part of Halloween

Halloween costumes ice princess

Halloween costumes witch original look

Halloween costumes women creative ideas doll

Halloween Costumes Zombie

Halloween Cats Women Zombie scary

Costumes for Halloween Women's scary doll

original costumes for the Halloween party

Halloween costumes women harpy

Halloween costumes witch makeup gorgeous gray hair

The original costumes are an inseparable part of the Halloween festival. To look really scary, you have two choices – either buying a complete costume or making one yourself – it’s fun and you’ll save a lot of money! Make-up and matching accessories can complete your look, that’s why they are also of great importance. In the past years, however, you have tried different variants and now you can not think of anything more creative? Then read this post and take a look at the photos – they will surely inspire you! Our ideas could also change or expand you – just let your imagination run wild!

The charm of the most common Halloween costumes

Halloween costumes witch gorgeous look

Halloween costumes women witch black dress green eye shadow

Halloween costumes witch green skin

Halloween costumes women witch

Halloween costume witch make-up interesting

classic Halloween costumes witch

Halloween costumes witch scary

Halloween costumes women witch black dress umbrella

Costumes for Halloween women classic witch

Halloween Makeup Tips Ladies

Halloween make-up tips women

Halloween costumes and make-up tips Women's ideas and inspirations

Halloween costumes witch blue eye shadow

Halloween Makeup Tips Women's Fake Blood

The most common Halloween costumes for women are those of the evil creatures traditionally associated with the festival – witches, vampires, ghosts, zombies. Even if that sounds too commonplace, wearing such a costume can scare anyone – that’s why they’re so popular. For example, to disguise yourself as a witch, you do not need to buy an expensive costume. Instead, they put on a simple black dress – it may be in the wardrobe of every girl or woman. You can also decorate the dress as you like – for example, with large spiders made of felt or with stains of fake blood, which is super easy to make yourself (many recipes can be found on the net). A witch’s hat and an old broom can beautifully complement your outfit. In this case, successful make-up is extremely important – take a black or dark gray eyeliner and draw lines around your mouth and forehead or paint dark circles under your eyes. Opt for a dark red or black lipstick. You can also make your hair gray – with the help of baby powder.

Halloween costumes, inspired by fairy tales, movies and books

Halloween costumes Snow White

Costumes for Halloween Women Snow White creepy version

Halloween Costumes Disney Princess

Halloween costumes Little Red Riding Hood scary look

Halloween Costumes Women Princess Belle

Halloween Costumes Disney Cinderella

Halloween Costumes Women Alice in Wonderland

Costumes for Halloween Disney Mermaid Arielle

An original idea for Halloween is to disguise yourself like famous heroes of fairy tales, movies or books by setting a horrific accent. Do you have a favorite hero from Brother Grimm’s magic tales? Or are you more of a fan of Disney movies? A charming costume of Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Arielle, Ashenputtel or Little Red Riding Hood is a beautiful variation for women! Making the costume yourself can be a bit more difficult in this case, as the look of each hero has its specific characteristics, but it’s well worth the effort. If you have little time, you can also buy the costume – in the shops you will find magically beautiful variants. You can only add a scary accent with the help of a few drops of artificial blood or with complicated make-up, which really is a work of art.

Original costumes for Halloween, inspired by myths and legends

Halloween Costumes Women Mythology Atlantis

Halloween Costumes Greek Mythology Medusa

Costumes for Halloween Ladies Unicorn

original costumes for Halloween ladies

Halloween Costumes Women Greek Mythology

Halloween costumes mermaid

Halloween costumes creepy harpy

Costumes for Halloween mermaid

A creative twist that you may not have tried yet is the Halloween costumes, inspired by myths and legends. Each of us knows Greek mythology and its magical beings – imagine what you would look like, for example, Medusa with her snake hair! Such a variation is really creative, unusual and impressive, and guarantees your unique look at the Halloween Party. A beautiful opportunity for the ladies is to disguise themselves like mermaids – these beings are believed to enchant and drown the men. To do this, choose a long dress with a tight skirt reminiscent of fishtail, and complement your outfit with matching accessories – for example, a necklace or bracelet with shells. Another original idea is to decide on the vision of a Greek goddess or disguise yourself like a mythical creature – for example unicorn or creepy harpy.

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