Artistic crafting concepts with Strickliesel on your free time
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Artistic crafting concepts with Strickliesel on your free time

inspiring crafting ideas with Strickliesel

Have you ever heard of Strickliesel? If not, you are right! With this little knitwear, you can make fantastic things yourself, and working with them is much easier compared to traditional knitting needles. Below you will find a detailed knitting instruction for beginners, as well as some creative and interesting crafting ideas that you can imitate in your free time. We hope you enjoy our suggestions, and hope you enjoy reading!

Strickliesel: What does it look like and what could you do with it?

Craft ideas Strickliesel

Crafting with Strickliesel ideas and inspirations

DIY crafts with Strickliesel jewelry

Knit scarf with knitted fabric

Strickliesel usually consists of four to eight metal eyelets and a handle made of wood or plastic with opening (see the photos above for an exact idea of ​​their appearance). As mentioned before, it’s a great alternative to crochet and knitting needles and is just great for people who have no knitting experience so far. The small knitwear makes it easy to quickly and easily make warm sweaters, soft gloves, hats and scarves, beautiful pillows and blankets, and even small pieces of wool itself. The ideal pastime for the winter, right? With the tinkered things you could beautify your home, and make your favorite people joy. If the idea fascinates you, read on! Below, we offer you a knitting instruction for beginners, and show you how to make a Strickliesel yourself with simple means.

Make the little knitwear yourself

Craft Strickliesel yourself

Craft Ideas Strickliesel jewelry scarf

Knitting with Strickliesel original crafting ideas

Crafting ideas Freizeit Strickliesel

You can buy a Strickliesel from any hobby shop. But you can also make your own home and here we give you some great ideas for it. You can either use a hollowed out branch, or a champagne cork, in which you have carefully made a sufficiently large opening in advance with a corkscrew. Then this base should be equipped with four small nails (as in the photos above) and done! But there are also other variants – you could, for example, just stick to a toilet paper roll four wooden skewers or ice cream stalks with Tesafilm. This impromptu Strickliesel can even be colored to make it look prettier. Now all you have to do is select the yarn to start knitting!

Knitting instructions for beginners

Basteln mit Strickliesel how are you?

deal with Strickliesel instructions

Tinker with Strickliesel step by step

knitting learn with Strickliesel helpful tips

First, you should pull the thread through the opening of the Strickliesel. Hold it tight and begin with the other hand to thread the thread counterclockwise around one of the metal eyelets, creating a loop. Repeat with the Ӧse on the left and continue until all Ӧsen have been wrapped once. If desired, you could also make another series, but without forming loops. Then you should simply take a loop from the first row with a large needle or knitting needle and lift it over the undse and thus over the second thread row. Repeat the same procedure with all loops. When you’re done, just start from the beginning and make new loops. Soon you will see that the knitting thread, which hangs from the opening, gradually grows in length. And when you get the desired length, cut the thread off the ball of wool and knot it with the top loops.

Great craft ideas for your free time

Learn to knit Strickliesel case yourself

Craft Ideas Strickliesel Dekoblumen knit

Craft projects Strikliesel clothes hanger decorate

Craft Strickliesel cable cover yourself

Strickliesel Craft Projects Pincushion Beehive

Make handicrafts with knitliesel lettering yourself

Spice up your craft with Strickliesel cup

You can find lots of knitting patterns on the net, but here are some great crafting projects for your free time that you might like (you should know that the larger the diameter of the cord, the more rough the embroidery will be). For example, with the described knitting technique, you could make an attractive case for a cable – from a lamp, a computer, etc. You should simply knit it around the cable by tucking it through the opening of the knitting nappy. Furthermore, you can also make an original case for your glasses or a protective cover for the phone itself. Take a look at our photos for more inspirational ideas. We wish you lots of fun while knitting.

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