Arrange the balcony: 20 strategies for an attractive balcony floor!
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Arrange the balcony: 20 strategies for an attractive balcony floor!

Balkonbelag should convey comfort

Are you looking for a terrace and balcony decking? When planning a balcony, however, the question often comes up: which fits perfectly to your apartment? How do you imagine the perfect flooring for your balcony? Should it be mechanically resilient, comfortable, attractive looking, easy to clean and also inexpensive? Yes, it sounds beautiful. “And almost impossible,” someone might say. Choosing the right flooring depends on factors such as style of living, taste and of course your wallet. You do not know exactly what flooring to put on? You have a large selection of materials available. Classic wood, plastic, ceramic tiles, stone or even glass bottom? what do you prefer? Before you decide on a particular floor covering, however, you should consider a few facts! Here you will find interesting facts about floor coverings!

The right balcony flooring should convey comfort!

The matching balcony flooring should convey comfort!

What are the characteristics of the different variants? All have one basic rule: first and foremost they should be frost-resistant and weather-resistant! Here you can learn more about floor coverings made of wood, tiles and stone!

Tile and stone floor for the balcony:

Elastic floor tiles are suitable as a durable and easy-care floor covering. Floor tiles are available in all color variations. When buying floor tiles, it is recommended to observe optimal skid resistance. Natural stone floors look classy. Thanks to their smooth surface, they are easy to clean. You want a clean, divided by joints surface? Tile and stone flooring is a great solution for your balcony!

The best balcony surface is a very individual decision!

The best balcony surface is a very individual decision!

Flooring made of wood:

Wooden floor coverings are among the most popular outdoors. Wooden floor coverings consist only of natural materials and provide foot warmth. Make sure the wood is in durability class 1 to 2. You can choose from many types of wood. Due to their durability the hardwoods are especially suitable for outdoor use! High-quality and weatherproof types of wood such as oak and beech are a good alternative. Walk barefoot? Then put on wooden balcony coverings! If desired, you could rely on a mixture of wood and plastics. They require easy care and provide long-lasting. Balcony wooden planks and high-quality plastic look elegant and blend discreetly into the surroundings of the balcony.

Create foot warmth: choose the balcony flooring right!

Balcony covering made of wood for foot warmth

Further suggestions can be found in the following gallery! Create a homely atmosphere on the balcony! Choose the balcony covering so that it harmonises perfectly with the decoration! This makes the outdoor entertainment more enjoyable! Do not forget that the right balcony covering could set every balcony in scene!

Beautiful living outside!

Which balcony flooring is optimal

Elegant balcony covering for extravagant style

The right balcony flooring beautifies the balcony

Looking for the right balcony flooring: Beautiful living outside!

best suggestions for balcony flooring

Balcony covering: stone floor

Balcony flooring provides a homely atmosphere

Balcony flooring harmonizes with the decoration on the balcony

Balcony flooring: Tiles are easy to maintain

Balkonbeläge: Cool stone floor for the balcony

Balcony covering: The variant range

Balcony covering made of stone

Balcony covering made of plastic

Balcony covering made of wood for foot warmth

Balcony flooring made of wood

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