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Aries tattoo – symbols and meanings

Tattoos are a popular fashion among men and women nowadays. And the most popular tattoo designs that are mostly chosen by tattoo lovers are the zodiac signs. Zodiac tattoos are popular with both men and women. There are symbols of every star sign that you could be tattooed on your body. A ram tattoo could bring two kinds of characteristic meanings: negative – selfishness and intolerance and positive – free thinking, strengths, agility, daring.

A ram tattoo represents an uncomplicated and independent character

aries tattoo skull

Own as the first zodiac in the zodiac The Aries tattoo has several meanings, and these very meanings are what inspires people for a tattoo. Of course, Aries tattoos are usually preferred by people whose birth dates are between March 21st and April 19th.

As you enter a new phase in life …

Aries tattoo aries

Positive and uncomplicated – these two qualities, as well as the fighting spirit of the ram serve as a symbol of new beginnings. If you are entering a new phase in life or if you want to start something over and over again, this is a good sign to show that goal.

This symbol is often associated with the fighting spirit and also a proof of it

aries tattoo marvelous aries

The symbol of Aries can be found in various myths and legends. He shows that they are brave enough to confront all the difficulties in life. According to a Greek story, the god Zeus sacrificed a ram for the benefit of humanity. As the story goes on, it was not an easy decision for Zeus to sacrifice Aries because he had a strong bond with him. This shows that he had much goodness and love for humanity when he was willing to sacrifice something so sweet to him dear. To show that you have some kindness or to symbolize a sacrifice that you have gone through in life, then a Widder Tattooist is perfect for you.

Other meanings that can be attached to this tattoo are sacrifice and friendliness

Aries tattoo aries

Placement ideas

Back: The back is a perfect place for your ram tattoo. Due to the availability of enough space, the options of their tattoos are unlimited. You can have a massive ram’s head tattooed on your back or be more creative and get the Aries constellation on your back.

aries tattoo

Upper arm: The upper arm works perfectly as a tattoo tool for both men and women. A ram’s head on the upper arm would look especially fantastic if you use more than one color on the tattoo.

aries tattoo flowers

Leg: Through tattoos you could show and present your creativity or that of your artist without limit. The legs can work pretty well for this type of tattoo. When you are ready to endure the pain, you can have a nice ram tattoo on the back of the leg.

Aries tattoo aries

Chest: A small ram’s head or a ram symbol on one side of the chest will look wonderful. However, every time you look in the mirror, you will see them, so it would be good to make sure that this tattoo is done by an experienced artist to avoid disappointment.

aries tattoo

Wrist: In addition to the fact that you will always see such a tattoo, a ram tattoo on the wrist looks incredible. If you have it on your wrist, it will be easier for you to keep track of what the tattoo symbolizes for you.

aries tattoo Blue Flowers And Aries Tattoo On Wrist

Ankle: These tattoos can be as small as you want and still look good. The symbol of Widdesr is very simple. For this reason, such a tattoo should not be a problem for your artist.

aries tattoo black ink aries tattoo on heels

aries tattoo aries back

aries tattoo Simple Aries Tattoo on Leg

aries tattoo aries

Aries tattoo Attractive Aries

Aries tattoo aries

aries tattoo aries

Aries tattoo Back Aries

aries tattoo gray ink aries back

aries tattoo gray ink aries tattoo on back body

aries tattoo

aries tattoo

Aries tattoo watercolor Arie Upper Back

aries tattoo

aries tattoo

aries tattoo aries

aries tattoo arm aries head

aries tattoo blue aries

aries tattoo

aries tattoo shoulder aries

aries tattoo tremendous aries tattoo on shoulder

Aries tattoo

Aries tattoo aries

aries tattoo

aries chest aries tattoo

aries tattoo aries tattoo on chest

aries tattoo Blue Black Aries

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