Adorning pies: directions, ideas and cute concepts for copying
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Adorning pies: directions, ideas and cute concepts for copying

Decorate pies how are you

Baking is your hobby and you like to prepare all sorts of sweets? Then you are right here! In this post we will show you step by step how to decorate pies. Below you will find creative instructions, some interesting ideas for copying, as well as valuable tips that you could use to create fantastic ornaments yourself! So you could join birthdays and other festive occasions to surprise and impress your favorite people with imaginatively decorated pies. We hope you enjoy our ideas! Have fun baking!

Decorate pies – basic equipment

Pies decorate helpful tips

Pies decorate tips and instructions

Pies decorate equipment

Decorate pies with Spritz

Pies decorate outfit dough cards

Pies decorate impressive ideas

Decorating tarts with whipped cream, marzipan, fondant or butter cream is not at all as difficult as you might think, and does not take much time. With a lot of imagination and a little skill you can make your own magic decorations – take a look at our ideas to see how easy it is! They are also ideal for people who have no experience in decorating until now. Of course, you need the right basic equipment, which will help you decorate easier. It consists of a rotatable kitchen plate, a piping bag with various spray nozzles (perforated nozzle, Rosettentülle, Sternbandtülle, leaf spout) and various modeling tools such as pie straightener, roll bar, stencils and cookie cutters. There are various sets for baking beginners on the market, which contain everything you need to decorate pies, biscuits, cakes and cupcakes. If you’ve already got the accessories, we can start decorating! Below we explain you its most important basic principles.

Decorating pies – Apply a base of butter cream

Pies decorate ideas with butter cream

Pies decorate buttercream

Pies decorate ombre effect

Pies decorate wonderful ideas with buttercream

When decorating pie for the first time, you should give yourself enough time for this creative task – it’s hard to get the best possible result when working under time pressure. Before you start with the embellishments, you should apply a base – for example made of buttercream. Apply a thin layer first by helping yourself with a dough card or spatula and wait for the cream to harden (these may either leave you white, or color it with some food coloring – depending on your preferences). Now you can coat the cake thickly – put a big dab in the middle and start to spread the cream from there over the edge. You should remove the excess cream with the dough card and drive it over the sides and edges, so that the cake surface is ideally smooth. Now you can decorate the cake to your personal preference. The simplest variant in this case is to run the knife over the surface of the cream in a spiral pattern – so you get a great stripe look. The butter cream and whipped cream are just perfect for spraying, and below you’ll learn how to work with piping bags.

Decorate the cake with piping bag

Pies decorate with whipped cream roses

When decorating with pastry bag, always keep it slightly slanted (the opening of the spout should point upwards). The star ribbon grommet is ideal for braiding patterns, borders and border, with the hole grommet can make smooth ornaments (such as drops, lines, waves, and spirals, and the leaf grommet is very well suited for looping effects.) With the Rosettentülle you get great loops, waves and rosettes, and with the Sterntülle – interesting curved tuffs.The decoration you could round off with fresh fruits – raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, sugar pearls or nuts – pistachios, hazelnut crisp, almond leaves.

Decorate pies with marzipan, fondant and caramel

Decorate pies with fondant

Decorate pies decorating marzipan corner

Pies decorate marzipan flowers

Pies decorate marzipan roses

Decorating pies decorating marzipan roses

Pies decorate grated chocolate

Pies decorate pies from fondant

Pies decorate ideas with fondant

Decorate pies with caramel

Pies decorate orange caramel

The cake decoration with marzipan usually looks like something out of the pastry shop – but for this variant, a little more time and skill is required. For example, you can try making marzipan roses yourself. To do this, mix the marzipan with red food coloring, roll into rolls, and then cut into pieces. Make these a little with your fingers to make them look similar to the petals, and then put the flowers together. Sprinkle with some icing sugar at the end.

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