A make-up instruction for the correct Smokey Eyes Look
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A make-up instruction for the correct Smokey Eyes Look

Smookey Eyes ideas

For decades, the make-up is not a “persona non grata”. Hundreds of thousands of women put a make-up on their face every day. Black mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow are the basic equipment that almost every woman has. We show you the perfect make-up that is part of everyday life, official dinner or meeting with your loved ones fits. So-called Smokey Eyes Look is the only make-up that gives your eyes great expression. In this article, we introduce you to some instructions, styling tips and ideas for the Smokey Eyes Look.

Which Smokey Eyes make-up fits your face?

Which Smokey Eyes make-up fits your face?

In the photo you can read which make-up technique suitable for your eye shape.

The Smokey Eyes make-up is suitable to all. In order to get the desired effect, you should only a little bit make sure that the right technique for your perfect eyeshadow is chosen.

Dark or light nuances when smokey eyes make-up?

Dark or light nuances when smokey eyes make-up?

If you ‘re a fan of make – up classics, choose the dark nuances of Smokey Eyes makeup. Nonetheless, the black color is taken as a symbol of glamor. Dark Smokey Eyes gives an elegant look. The eye-catching look is due to the contrast between the black eyeshadow and your eye’s white.

Dark Smokey Eyes

Apply light shades of eyeshadow, such as pink, brown, blue, orange, and green, when applying make-up so as not to look so dramatic. This smokey eye look is perfect for looking elegant in the office.

Bright Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes for beginners

A smokey eyes guide for beginners

The Smokey Eyes makeup is not that complicated. It is not necessary to work as a professional make – up artist to achieve this eye – catching Smokey result. The required utensils are listed as key points:

  • Base cream, which is needed before applying make-up
  • Eye Primer (the photo below shows the Eye Primer we recommend)

Eye Primer for Smokey Eyes Makeup

Smokey Eyes Eyeliner

Smokey Eyes kohl pencil

  • Eyeshadow in at least three shades

Smokey Eyes Eye Shadow

  • brush
  • Blending brush
  • False eyelashes (unnecessary)

Variant for false wampers for the perfect Smokey Eyes make-up

Preparation phase:

Cream the skin of the face with your base cream. Apply the primer to your eyelid. These two creams ensure that the make-up does not disappear after 2 hours. Do not forget this step because the creams keep your skin hydrated.

Follow the steps below to achieve a Smokey Eyes effect:

Step 1:

Start with the make-up by applying the kohl pencil on the eyelid. After tracing the upper and lower eyelashes, lightly fade with a thin brush.

Step 2:

First, apply the brightest nuance from the eyeshadow to the eyelid, starting from the immovable eyelid to the eyebrows. Then apply the darkest shadow on the eyelid crease with the help of a brush by applying make-up from the eyelid crease to the lash line.

Step 3:

Do not be afraid of your reflection. They are not finished. With the aperture brush you should blend the contrasting nuances. Apply the medium dark shade in between to mask the deep black color.

Step 4:

If you have some glitter nuances in your eyeshadow palette, you can make your make-up sparkle.

Step 5:

An eyeliner is not necessary for a smokey eyes effect. But if you want to glue false eyelashes, an eyeliner is recommended.

Step 6:

With or without false eyelashes you should blow your eyelashes in black to give them volume.

Step 7:

To give your Smokey Eyes Look the finest touch, stick false eyelashes.

Dear women, with this look you conquer every man!

DIY Smokey Eyes Look

For everyday life, this dramatic make-up is not suitable. It would be better if you put on bright smokey eyes in this situation. The steps are similar.

Smokey eyes in light shades

We hope that our instructions are helpful. In our gallery below you can view other guides and ideas for Smokey Eyes Look.

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