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A contact of luxurious – 27 concepts for open wardrobe programs

You are a woman and dream of a room where you have many closets and hang thousands of clothes? Or you are a gentleman and like to wear your shirts like James Bond in a special room with many wardrobes? Imagine – the doors are open, the light goes on, and you can go in and easily remove the desired piece of clothing from the hanger. With the open wardrobe systems, the dream becomes reality! They can only be part of the room or make a whole dressing room. The two variants bring a touch of luxury. The wardrobe systems look really generous, but are also practically oriented. You save space in your home and protect your clothes. If you want to convince yourself of the functionality of these open systems, take a look at our excellent examples.

Wardrobe systems in an elegant dressing room for the fashion conscious

Wardrobe systems generous

Many apartments have unused rooms, such as former children’s rooms or no longer necessary study. The wardrobe systems offer many options for designing your own dressing room. Of course you need an extra room in the apartment for this room. If you have it, design the cabinet systems with enough shelves for shoes and bags. An idea is also that you divide the room into two – for you and for him.

Wardrobe systems integrated in the bedroom

Wardrobe systems Glasture

If you lack extra space, you do not have to go without wardrobe systems. You can easily integrate them in the bedroom. In the opinion of designers, a walk-in wardrobe system can be integrated in rooms with an area of ​​14 m². And there is plenty of room for shelves and cabinets. The cupboard system with glass doors looks especially good. This is also a practical idea as they protect the clothes from dust. The most important step in planning wardrobe systems is planning. Zone your dressing room. Our tip is in the open closet system only put clothes that you wear every day. Use wall shelves for crates where you will be using these pieces of clothing that will not be used again until next season.

An open roof pitch cabinet gets the best out of the sloping roof and looks elegant

Wardrobe systems Dachschraege

Artificial lighting should not be without an open wardrobe system

Wardrobe systems with lighting

Be inspired by our creative and breathtaking examples

Wardrobe systems built-in system

Wardrobe systems design

Wardrobe ideas

Wardrobe systems comfort

Wardrobe systems corner

Wardrobe systems hallway

Wardrobe systems wood

Wardrobe systems homemade

Wardrobe systems idea

Wardrobe systems project

Wardrobe systems children's room

Wardrobe systems Small

Wardrobe systems country style

Wardrobe systems Multicolored

Wardrobe systems Modern

Wardrobe systems open

Wardrobe systems walkable

Wardrobe systems room

Wardrobe systems with glass doors

Wardrobe systems with curtain

Wardrobe systems cupboard system

Wardrobe systems in front of the bed

Wardrobe systems in white

Wardrobe systems walkable

Wardrobe systems luxury

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