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50 inventive concepts for the proper bridal bouquet

The bride’s bouquet has become a part of the wedding custom today. It complements the look of the bride and often remains as a beautiful reminder of that big day. The flowers and colors of course depend on the season and the theme of the wedding. In this article, you’ll find plenty of inspiring ideas that can help you to make your wedding beautiful.

The bride’s bouquet as an inseparable part of the wedding custom

Bridal bouquet of roses and dahlias

Wedding Bouquet

Bridal bouquet of creative ideas

Summer wedding bridal bouquet

classic wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquet of wild flowers

Wedding bouquet ideas and inspirations

Bridal bouquet Summer wedding

The bride’s bouquet should definitely correspond with the design of the wedding dress, as well as with the main motifs on the fire. To guarantee this, you could, for example, take a fabric sample of the wedding dress when you buy the bouquet or even make the planned make-up and hairstyle. When choosing the flowers, it is advisable to consider two important things – first, the ostrich should fit seasonally. Not every variant you like is possible at any time – there are flower species that can not stand the heat in the summer, and to opt for example in the winter for lilies of the valley, can be really expensive, as well as inappropriate. The varieties of flowers that are ideal for the wedding bouquet, regardless of the season, include the roses, lilies, gerberas, gypsophila, St. John’s wort, Alstromeria and the flaming flower. If you feel insecure, consult with your florist. Even if your favorite flowers are inappropriate, you will always find a great alternative for your bridal bouquet.

Choose the suitable flowers

Wedding bouquet light blue

Rose bouquet wedding

Wedding bouquet in purple

Wedding bouquet dahlias

romantic bridal bouquet of roses

Bouquet in white creative ideas wedding

Bridal bouquet of orchids

If you choose wedding bouquets, be aware that there are no artistically colored elements – they can leave stains on the wedding dress. The same applies to the flowers with bar vessels.

Nice and cheap

original bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet of wild flowers

Wedding bouquet in white and pink

Wedding bouquet ideas

white orchids

original wedding bouquet

Bridal bouquet dahlias

If you do not want an expensive bridal bouquet, you can opt for a variant with less flowering and more green. Such bouquets are perfect for a spring or summer wedding! Of course the cut green is not as expensive as the flowers themselves, and with a successful arrangement the bouquet would look magical. In such bouquets the flowers remain in the foreground because the green decoration enhances their beauty.

Make the bride’s bouquet original

fancy bridal bouquet

extravagant wedding bouquet

Bridal bouquet of autumn flowers

autumnal wedding bouquet

Bridal bouquet of seasonal flowers

Bridal bouquet of red tulips

Normally, the wedding bouquet reflects the personal preferences of the lady who is getting married. In order to give your bridal bouquet an individual touch, you can add, besides flowers and cut green, other, unusual elements. These include, for example, feather, jewelry, fruits and vegetables or even twigs. Such unusual bridal boutiques are in vogue today, and you’ll see how modern and impressive they can look. Some brides choose large, eye-catching flowers – for example, roses or lilies, others marry even with tree branches in beautiful autumnal shades as a wedding bouquet.

Select a classic variant

classic wedding bouquet

white roses wedding bouquet

Ideas Bridal bouquet

Rose wedding

unique rose bouquet

classic wedding bouquet

Rose wedding

romantic bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet of roses

romantic bridal bouquet

Wedding bouquet ideas

The classic among bridal bouquets is definitely the rose bouquet. As a symbol of love, roses are still the favorite flowers of most brides. The red rose symbolizes passion and desire, while the white purity symbolizes. These beautiful flowers are also really durable and perfect for any season. Elegant flowers for the wedding bouquet are also sunflowers, callas, tulips, freesias, dahlias – the selection is really huge!

Useful tip for the wedding bouquet

Bridal bouquet of summer flowers

elegant wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquet of white roses

For a glamorous appearance in front of the altar, your wedding bouquet should look fresh and beautiful. After you’ve bought your dreamy ostrich, you should cut and clean the flowers every day to extend their lifespan. But each flower is different, so ask your florist how to handle the particular flower and what care it needs to stay beautiful for a long time.

The bride’s bouquet after the wedding

Ideas and inspirations

Bridal bouquet white and blue

Wedding bouquet in vintage style

Wedding bouquet with summer flowers

interesting wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquet of white orchids

Bridal bouquet ideas

Bridal bouquet with sunflowers

If you want to keep the bride’s bouquet as a reminder of your wedding day, you should not put it in the water any more, but dry it as soon as possible. You can hang the bouquet in a cool, dark and dry place and let it dry slowly. The fallow with the traditional throwing of the ostrich can also be kept in this case – with a second mistress.

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