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50 concepts for furnishings product of europallets

furniture-from-euro pallets-ideas-living room table-roll-wood-pallets Euro-build

Today I would like to introduce you to this trendy trend in interior design – furniture made of europallets for home decoration or for your traditional home look. You are beautiful! Since I saw her for the first time, I fell in love with these boxes! They look so amazing when they are put together with some contemporary objects inside.

Furniture made of europallets – pallet table

Furniture made of europallets

In fact, the first time I saw this type of furniture was at a PR agency meeting, taking responsibility for one of our social responsibility projects. We had to discuss and negotiate some details, and the PR agency suggested that we go to their office. There I met the europallets that we used to build sofas, tables and other practical furniture. They were painted white and all had different surfaces depending on their purpose.

Furniture made of europallets sofa

Build pallet furniture yourself - vintage look

For example, the seating was covered with soft layers of seated material covered with soft fabric. In addition, there were several colorful cushions that decorated the so-formed sofas. On the tables, on the other hand, there were huge glasses that actually formed traditional tables – with glass tops and wooden bases. Each pedestal itself was made from wooden pallets and had a different design – some were small and some larger, all painted white.

Furniture made of europallets – sofas

Build pallet furniture yourself - idea for indoor and outdoor use
When I returned to the office with my colleague, I saw what a cozy and inviting interior it was. I personally believe that Euro pallets are very well matched by vintage and shabby-chic interiors as well as more contemporary looks. If you like the rusty touch of pallets with contemporary furniture you will fit a certain eclectic style.

Furniture made of europallets – pallet wall shelves

Urban chic with used Euro pallets
When we talk about the right place for this creative piece of furniture, I can assure you that there are no limits! Traditional usage would be possible, such as Tables and chairs in the living room. But I have also seen long dining tables in dining rooms. Gardens are another place that is happy to accommodate the furniture from europallets – all kind of garden tables and relaxing sofas can be built from the boxes. Have you ever thought that there may be a chance to sleep on a bed made of pallets? In this picture collection you will even find such a great idea! Other not very common uses are small help tables in toilets and bathrooms, wet bar in the garden, sun loungers in balconies and kitchen shelves for wine storage! Maybe the last ones are not very typical of the European interior design, but I’m pretty sure that if you like it, you will apply it!
You can be inspired by our pictures! If you need any useful advice from us, feel free to contact us via the contact page.
When you’re done, take a look at other very inspiring projects!

Craft – furniture made of recycled wooden pallets

Wooden coffee table with rolls

With the Euro pallets and, of course, with a little creativity you create a very rare interior. It is absolutely original, practical and inexpensive if your equipment consists of wooden pallets. Many experienced designers, offices and living room designers come to this conclusion. The Euro pallets as platform support are used for massive building materials. But what if the interior and exterior design would play a different role! Lately, there are some fantastic compositions of pallets that appear to be exceptional compared to the usual offers on the market. In most cases, discover the use of these beds or as a bed frame and then, if you offer a soft mattress, you will immediately get a comfortable bed without spending a lot of money.

Furniture made of europallets – bed

Furniture made of europallets

In addition to the fact that this solution is inexpensive, the furniture made of Euro pallets are also very chic. The wooden pallets can also be an essential element in the modern living room. Create an extravagant corner room with a home library and a coffee table. We have a complete office space with desks, chairs and shelves of europallets, as well as a Sideboard made of pallets fitted. The color of the light wood adds even more comfort to the atmosphere. The best of these furniture is that you can easily transform and reorganize it – the bed is a sofa, a dining table – a desk.

Euro pallets handy

Lounge sofa made of pallets

Build pallet furniture yourself

Garden swing from used europallets

Coffee table made of europallets

Coffee table made of europallets

Furniture made of europallets

Furniture made of europallets in the bedroom

Palette coffee table for every style of furnishing

Great ideas for pallet furniture in the garden

Corner sofa made of pallets

Furniture made of europallets

Mount flower pots on a pallet

Furniture made of europallets

Garden sofa for several people Furniture made of europallets

perfect for the application on the balcony

Machining, sanding and painting pallets

Mini wooden pallet chair

Media shelf, Lowboard

pallet furniture

Coffee table pallet furniture

TV shelf furniture made of europallets

Real wood in high quality

Building your own instead of buying

Furniture made of europallets wine rack

Furniture made of europallets Tables coffee table

Furniture build pallets of furniture from Euro pallets

Europallet furniture Everything Paletti

Everything from wooden pallets: Cheap

Garden projects: for self-makers

Do it yourself ideas for your home

Palette coffee table for every style of furnishing

chair and more

Make original furniture from pallets

massive garden table

A nice sitting area with style furniture

Decorate the seating area in the garden thematically

Industrial wall decoration

wine shelf

Fascination of uniqueness

Strongly built furniture made of europallets

Furniture made of europallets furniture self-build

Furniture made of europallets bed

Furniture made of Euro pallets - interior design ideas

Furniture made of europallets

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