5 straightforward steps as you construct your individual bar from pallets
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5 straightforward steps as you construct your individual bar from pallets

Ideas Bar counter made of pallets

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer outside, you can only imagine cool drinks in the garden. And where better than on wet bar pallets ? In 10 easy steps, you can build the dreamed bar itself. You can get pallets easily for free or for little money. In this way, you can own your own bar and enjoy a variety of cocktails.

Bar build yourself: only 5 steps to the dreamed bar

Bar counter pallets

Which materials do you need?

3 similar large pallets, 1 plywood board, Cover screws (various sizes), 5-inch bolts, a tube of silicone, a Portland cement bag, seal catcher and drill

Step 1: The right pallet

right pallet bar counter

The bar will be about 40 inches high and about 6 ‘long, and if you’re lucky you’ll find three similar large pallets, two for the front and one split in half for the sides. First cut the parts of the boards cut, then align the two pallets that would put the front of the bar together. For the sides, cut a pallet in half with a drilling jig, then trim the boards to the size you want (about 18 inches). Do not forget to pre-drill the pallets, otherwise there is a risk of them bursting. Assembled, the scaffolding looked like this. You can take the plate from an old table.

Step 2: Attaching the pallets

Bar counter attachment

After cutting out the pallets, add the front two with two 5-inch bolts and wood glue. Then add the sides with cover screws and wood glue. Provide more more surface for the concrete top. You can line with 1 × 3’s.

Step 3: The shelves

barreessen shelves

The number of drinks that you use for the cocktails, the shelves should not be missing. To make the bar more stable, build a shelf in the center of 2 × 4’s and glue it. Then just add the side pieces 2 × 4’s top and middle. You can also add 2 × 4’s to the inner sides to build a board. Find a plywood board and use it for the shelves, cut the boards with a rip saw. supported

Step 4: The tabletop

barreessen shelves

There are many variants for tabletops. You can buy these or take them from an old table. Of course you can make this decision yourself. To begin, make the shape of the counter top of melamine, the final shape would be 74x18x1. 5, the melamine is cut half an inch longer on the sides to accommodate the thickness of the melamine board. Once the mold is secured with screws. Drain a line of silicone seal along the corners, so the top would have smooth edges. Also cut the line reinforcement about an inch shorter on all sides. Mix the concrete on the bag per instructions and start filling the mold. Tap the burrs of the concrete with a trowel and let the bubbles vibrate. Fill the holes with cement.

Step 5: The result

bar counter ready

Finished! Now you can only enjoy and be happy with what you have done with your own hands. There are still many ideas that you can add to your wet bar – lights, a bottle opener, one Shelf from pallets for wine bottle or other funny stuff. You can also make your bar with LED strips, very suitable for a cocktail party. A sink is also a very good idea. For the wastewater, a hose can be connected. To the bar counter chairs from pallets fit perfectly and why not pallet bed ? Also discover our other ideas for building your own bar pallets ! We have many ideas on our side for rebuilding, such as one suspended bed for more comfort in the summer, as well as a cozy garden shed for the winter. We are sure that you can build these yourself with creativity.

Building a counter is easy task

build colorful counter

Bar made of europallets

Bar made of europallets

A pallet bar ensures a good mood in summer!

Build the counter yourself

Bar counter itself build for the terrace

DIY bar made of europallets

Counter made of pallets with LED lighting

The bar itself build from pallets

Pallet bar ensures a good mood

Counter made of europallets for the kitchen

Counter made of europallets for the kitchen

Bar counter itself build for the terrace

Bar build with wood panels

Bar building - instructions for copying

bar counter tikibar

Bar counter range for drinks

Counter made of pallets in white

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