5 craft instructions for Christmas: Make Christmas tree decorations your self
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5 craft instructions for Christmas: Make Christmas tree decorations your self

Did Christmas time inspire you to make something beautiful yourself to decorate the house? But maybe you have your own advent calendar, wreath for the front door or decoration for the windowsill and mantel already done, and now you want to try something different? Then read this article! Here are 5 simple craft instructions for Christmas, which can help you to make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments yourself.

Crafting instructions for Christmas: decorative stars

Make Christmas star yourself

Handicraft instructions for Christmas original poinsettia

Handicrafts for Christmas Stars made of paper itself

Christmas tree decoration paper star

Handicrafts for Christmas colored paper stars

Handicrafts for Christmas colorful paper stars

colored poinsettia from paper DIY

Bastelanleitungen for Christmas star from music paper

Handicrafts for Christmas original paper star

Handicrafts for Christmas paper stars make yourself

Do you think your Christmas tree needs new balls and decorations? Follow one of our Christmas crafting tutorials to create unique Christmas tree decorations! The ideas presented here are easy to make yourself, so your children can participate. For example, together they can make spectacular stars out of paper. For this purpose you need colored metal foil (for example red or golden), a glass, pen, scissors, glue and thread. First place the glass on the foil and sand it with the pen. Then cut out the resulting circles (their number corresponds to that of the stars). Take a circle and fold it in half halfway until you get a triangular piece. It should then be cut to form a rhombus (for this purpose you should use the pair of scissors to form another symmetrical point opposite the tip of the triangle). It only remains to open the bit to see the result! With thread and glue you can hang the finished star on the Christmas tree.

Bastelanleitungen for Christmas: angels made of paper

Angel made of music paper itself make craft manuals for Christmas

Handicrafts for Christmas interesting paper angels

Christmas tree ornaments make little angels out of paper

Handicrafts for Christmas angels made of paper

DIY ideas to make Christmas paper angels with the kids

Handicrafts for Christmas paper garland angels

Handicraft tutorials for Christmas Quilling Angel make yourself

DIY Quilling Angel

Handicrafts for Christmas angels made of paper itself

Craft instructions for Christmas delicate angel figures made of paper

Another original crafting idea that you can try for yourself is to make quilling angels. Maybe you’ve heard of Quilling before – that’s an original crafting technique using rolled-up strips of paper. To make cute, little quilling angels you only need scissors, toothpicks, glue, quilling paper and a vegetable holder. Wrap the paper strips for Angel’s body and wings over the vegetable holder. Stick them up and let the glue dry well. Then wrap several strips of paper over a toothpick until the resulting disc is big enough for the head. The head is finally glued on the body. To make curls for your angel, take five, 10-centimeter long strips of paper. These should also be rolled over a toothpick and then glued on the head. Finished!

Making Christmas tree decorations made of felt

Crafting instructions for Christmas Christmas tree made of felt

Felt Christmas trees themselves make crafting instructions for Christmas

Crafting instructions for Christmas Christmas tree ball made of felt

Handicrafts for Christmas Gifts made of felt

Felt snowmen make crafting manuals for Christmas

Crafting instructions for Christmas Angel figurines made of felt

But you can also make beautiful Christmas tree decorations using other materials – for example felt. On the net, you can find many crafting tutorials for Christmas with felt, because it is a low-cost material that is easy to work with. You can easily make a fir-tree made of felt layers yourself: you should only cut star-shaped pieces in different sizes out of green felt, stack them on top of each other and then glue or sew the individual layers together. What is still missing is a square, brown felt for the trunk, a star for the “top” and a band for hanging. You can also make pretty Christmas tree balls and funny figures out of felt – for example angels, snowmen and sodar cute owls or penguins. Colorful little “gifts” made of felt could also give an original look to your Christmas tree. Just let your imagination run wild! You can still find beautiful Christmas tree jewelry ideas here ,

Tinker with pine cones

Handicraft instructions for Christmas originally decorated pine cones

Crafting instructions for Christmas funny owl

Christmas decoration ideas pine cones

Christmas decoration with pine cones

Handicrafts for Christmas Decorate pine cones with glitter

Do you love tinkering with natural materials? Then we have a nice idea just for you – crafts with pine cones! The original decorated pine cones are just perfect as Christmas tree decorations. Collect pine cones in different sizes and use different nail polish colors to turn them into real works of art! The pine cones can also be decorated with beads or rhinestones – for this purpose you only need special glue for wood.

Christmas decoration from salt dough

DIY Christmas tree decorations made of salt dough necessary materials

Bastelanleitungen for Christmas salt dough to prepare

Bastelanleitungen for Christmas Cut out figures from salt dough

DIY figures from salt dough crafting instructions for Christmas

Bastelanleitungen for Christmas baking figures from salt dough in the oven

Crafting instructions for Christmas Color figures from salt dough

Crafting instructions for Christmas Decorate figures from salt dough with paint

Craft instructions for Christmas Prepare figures from salt dough for hanging

Bastelanleitungen for Christmas Christmas tree decorations from salt dough

Spectacular Christmas decoration can also be made from salt dough. You will need the following materials: two cups of flour, a cup of salt, a cup of water, a rolling pin, cookie cutters, brushes, acrylic paint, solid ribbon, and decoration stones of your choice. Watch the picture tutorial above for inspiration!

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