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45 St. Nicholas Items – HOW to fill the boot creatively

Nicholas gifts ideas

Is Santa really coming? We do not know that. But you have to believe it! Only then will you experience the magic and see the smile on the faces of your children! And it’s exactly the St. Nicholas gifts that bring this festive mood home. Take a look at our creative suggestions!

Everything about the tradition of St. Nicholas gifts

St. Nicholas Gifts - Where does tradition come from?

St. Nicholas Day will be celebrated on the 6th of December. But where does this tradition come from and is there really Nicholas? Every year, children ask this question about Santa Claus. There is no answer yet. The origin of Saint Nicholas Day, however, is linked to St. Nicholas of Myra. He is considered a saint of the Catholic Church. Nicholas is famous for his good deeds, such as – saving innocent people from death. He has also distributed his fortune to the poor. Perhaps that’s why the tradition in Germany is to fill the family’s boots with gifts. By which? Scroll down to see our creative ideas!

Nicholas gifts for big and small

Nicholas Gifts - Creative Ideas for Homemade Gifts

On St. Nicholas’s Day you can actually give everything that can be put in a boot. Sweets bring the greatest joy, but are more traditional. If you want to bring a personal touch and express your individualism, you can bake them yourself. You can also put fruit in there, but honestly – the kids love chocolate! If you want to fill a boot with Santa Claus gifts for the whole family, we have a creative idea for you. Bake small biscuits yourself and stamp the names on it. The sweets are suitable for big and small! For those who do not like chocolate, choose gummy bears. If you have a girl, a little doll will fit in her boot quite well and you can put a small car for your little man 🙂

Make Nicholas gifts yourself

The homemade Santa Claus gifts are perfect for homemade boots

We already have a creative guide here given how you sew Santa’s boots yourself. And home-made boots are a perfect match for homemade Santa Claus gifts! When it comes to crafts, there are many ideas for decoration right in your mind. And since Nikolaus is the anticipation, you can give homemade Christmas tree decorations. This gift is perfect for your mother or girlfriend. Everyone knows that women love decoration and most handmade decoration! If you have knitting or sewing skills, do not miss the chance to give your man a scarf or a sweater. For the book readers you will find on our website interesting DIY instructions for a bookmark.

Nicholas gifts under 10 euros

The traditional St. Nicholas gifts are sweets

Nicholas means surprise. These are not big gifts, but small surprises that you can also find cheap. Everyone knows that Christmas costs a lot of money. That’s why our suggestions for gifts will please both your kids and your wallet 🙂 Why do not you bake a Santa Claus yourself? It can be decorative and delicious at the same time! And when your children see him, they will be glad that Nicholas really came to them! You can find the recipe for the dough here and for the decoration of the face there are no limits. Small perfumes are available in local drugstore also under 10 euros and will be a big surprise! Children also love stuffed animals, one can easily put them in boots and does not cost more. A printed mug with your family photo is an unforgettable gift!

And why not flowers in Santa’s boots?

Why not put flowers as Santa Claus gifts in boots?

Or Nutella?

Our top of Nicholas gifts is Nutella

Homemade Nicholas gifts in the form of biscuits

Nicholas gifts - fill the boots with flowers

Nicholas gifts - the children love Candy

Nicholas gifts - the children love Candy

Santa Claus gifts Christmas tree decorations

Santa Claus gifts Christmas tree decorations

Nicholas Gifts - Start your next sewing project

Nicholas gifts - Christmas bottles

Big boots have plenty of room for big Santa Claus gifts

Vouchers can also be gifts for Santa Claus

Santa Claus presents creative ideas

Nicholas gifts cards for Christmas

To make fun of Santa Claus presents

Knitting presents for yourself

St. Nicholas gifts gingerbread

Nicholas presents almonds
Santa Claus presents stuffed animals

Nicholas gifts chocolate Santa Claus presents chocolates Santa Claus
Nicholas gifts homemade biscuits

Nicholas gifts homemade cards

Make Nicholas gifts yourself

Nicholas gifts printed mug
Nikolaus presents traditional german biscuits

Nicholas gifts - bottle of wine in boots

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