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42 fascinating kitchen worktops – supplies compared

Kitchen Tops Material Comparison

Modern kitchen designs, different variants, many styles and a range of materials. Your inspiration for your kitchen is truly endless. But there is a design part that plays a very important role. These are the kitchen plates! We have presented all designs and materials for you in comparison. With our help, you will ultimately have such an imagination that you will design your own fascinating space!

Why do we actually need the kitchen plates?

Kitchen tops granite

People see the kitchen as an overall picture of functionality and modern design. In order to enjoy our kitchens for a long time, we need kitchen worktops that meet many challenges. Why? Since we will treat the plate with hot pans and sharp knives. The worktop not only gives us practical benefits, but can be a real eye-catcher! When it comes to functionality, the material should be waterproof, heat-resistant and stable. When it comes to eye-catching, we have prepared a breathtaking picture gallery for you, decide for yourself which worktop is the eye-catcher for you. But first, look at our tips on what materials to choose.

Kitchen tops made of natural stone: granite

Kitchen plate inspirations

If you want to bring nature into your kitchen, use natural stones. You find his place exactly in kitchen plates. The natural stones for countertops include granite, marble and slate. Did you hear the saying “Bite on granite”? That’s the way granite is one of the toughest materials. And not only! It withstands temperatures of up to 600 degrees and is particularly scratch-resistant. This material is a bit expensive, but worth it – you buy for ages! The granite countertop is perfect for modern decor, and at the same time beautifully matched to wooden kitchen.

The absolute eye-catcher – marble

Kitchen board ideas

The marble is softer than granite, but its radiance is unlike any other material. He stands for a luxurious way of life. The worktops made of marble need care but because they are sensitive to stains. But this material has an important advantage. Compared to granite it is lighter and visually enlarges the small kitchens.

For the country-style kitchens – wooden kitchen tops

Wooden kitchen tops

The wood makes the kitchen comfortable and cozy. It brings a natural look to the décor and goes well with country style kitchens. But is that the only advantage of the wood? Really it’s not as sturdy as granite, but is much cheaper. If you choose wood, you will need to maintain and renovate it more often. Note with the hot pots and with the cutting on the wooden plate. A tip from us: The combination of white and solid wood is really breathtaking!

Create a lightness with worktop made of glass

Kitchen tops glass

If you are inspired by minimalism, you will definitely want lightness and clear shapes in your kitchen. A steel kitchen, for example, can not be combined with wood. What should then be the worktop? Of course, made of glass! Surprisingly it is, but the glass is the most heat-resistant than the other materials. Note that a glass kitchen top needs intensive care. But it gives your kitchen a unique modern design.

A budget variant – kitchen tops made of quartz

Kitchen plates in white

Almost all kitchens are made with quartz worktops. The material offers a large color palette and deco choice. It can also be combined with glass or acrylic sheets. Compared to other materials, the quartz is much cheaper. Benefits but has. It is scratch resistant and does not stain. Quartz offers many uses and is hygenic, which makes kitchens so popular.

A kitchen plate glued to tiles

Kitchen tiles

Kitchen tops marble

Kitchen tops granite

Wooden kitchen tops

Kitchen plates for kitchen island

Kitchen tops dark granite

Kitchen tops real wood

Kitchen tiles laid with tiles

Kitchen Tops Tiles Ideas

Kitchen tops - bring color with tiles

Kitchen plates made of glass

Kitchen plates glass with lighting

Kitchen Tops Granite Design

Kitchen tops granite

Solid wood kitchen tops

Kitchen board ideas

Kitchen tops combination of glass and granite

Kitchen board ideas

Kitchen top laminate

Kitchen tops marble in white

Wooden kitchen tops for budget kitchen

Kitchen tops solid wood

Kitchen top materials in comparison

Kitchen Tops Modern Design

Kitchen tops natural stone

Kitchen Tops Quartz

Kitchen Tops Quartz Design Kitchen panels renovation

Kitchen plates steel

Kitchen plates in black

Kitchen tops two types of materials

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