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40 free pumpkin templates for printing + carving directions

Free pumpkin templates for printing

It only takes a little while until Halloween! But have you decorated your home and prepared yourself? No worries! We help you transform your home into a horror house. As? Of course with our free pumpkin templates. If you have no idea how to carve a pumpkin, we have prepared a helpful free guide for you. From the funny to the terrible pumpkin, here you will find the best Halloween decoration. You can also bring a personal touch when you combine faces from different templates. You can not only decorate the gardens and the house with grim pumpkin faces, but also skeletons, bats or why not character hero. Simply let yourself be inspired by our templates and with a little creativity you will create a horror house.

Carving – Instructions with pumpkin templates

Follow the instructions with pumpkin templates

Do not underestimate the carving and schedule a few hours. It is not difficult, but time consuming. You can also do this activity with your children, it’s really fun. First, choose one of our free pumpkin templates, which you will find in the picture gallery below. All you need is, of course, a pumpkin, a big and a small, sharp knife, a spoon and a pen to draw your face. You can also find a pumpkin carving set on the market, which you can also use. But you must prepare the pumpkin beforehand. Cut off a lid with a little effort. Simply by hand or with a spoon you can remove the inside. With it you can cook a super delicious soup 🙂

The creativity is announced here

You need to cut out the pumpkin templates

First, press the selected template. If you use different parts from multiple templates, it is best to cut them out first. Place these on the pumpkin and fix it in place with adhesive tape. As an indication, use a felt-tip pen. A non-permanent pen can also be used. Of course, if you want to paint something on your pumpkin, you can do it without a template. But do not paint small holes, as these are not easy to see and difficult to carve.

Now comes the cutting

Carve by means of pumpkin templates

Here you need a sharp and stable saw blade. First, carefully cut out the large holes after the template. You can use angled cutting tool to cut out the nose. The details have to be worked out with the saw blade. So that your pumpkin remains stable. Leave the cut pieces still in the pumpkin until you cut out all the pieces. Only at the end can you remove the cut out elements from the pumpkin.

Put candles, tealights or fairy lights in the pumpkin

After cutting out the pumpkin templates, insert light

Which pumpkins can you use?

Pumpkin templates are great with pumpkins

Of course you can all pumpkins use that you have and carve that. Recommended is to avoid the thin and long pumpkins, they must be best round. The big squashes are also delicious. If there is not much time until Halloween, you can find the so-called Halloween pumpkin (Jack O’Latern) in almost every supermarket. Generally, the bigger, the better! A tip from us: so that your Halloween pumpkin stays fresh longer, you can do it with a hair spray inside and out Spray.

Combine the desired face from different templates

You can combine pumpkin templates

You can easily think of a headline and print it out

Pumpkin templates can only be headings

If you want, you can not carve the pumpkin, but paint it

Pumpkin templates can also be painted

Zenideen.com wishes you a merry and unforgettable Halloween!

Pumpkin templates with different faces

Free pumpkin templates for printing

Pumpkin Templates are with funny faces too

Pumpkin Templates Faces

Pumpkin templates are terrible

Pumpkin templates for eyes and mouth

Print out the pumpkin templates

Print out the pumpkin templates

Pumpkin templates with character heroes Pumpkin Templates Castle of Dracula
Pumpkin templates bats

Pumpkin templates for ghost

Pumpkin templates terrible face

Pumpkin Templates: pumpkin on the pumpkin

Pumpkin Templates: Choose the right face

Pumpkin Templates: Face of the Spirit

Pumpkin templates: face without mouth

Pumpkin Templates: Wolf's face

Pumpkin Templates with Hello Kitty
Pumpkin templates for printing

Pumpkin templates can also be funny

Pumpkin Templates as a grave

Pumpkin templates with skeleton

Pumpkin templates spider

Pumpkin templates spider

Pumpkin templates from Star Wars

The kids love Pumpkin Templates with Super Heroes

Pumpkin Templates Super Mario

Pumpkin Templates with Wolf

Pumpkin templates must look awful

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