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40 concepts for artistic coloration design within the hallway

When it comes to interior design, the hallway often remains in the background. However, the design of the entrance area has a very important meaning, because it leaves the first impression of the whole apartment. The creative color design in the corridor gives you the opportunity to say “welcome” to your guests in an original way. Here you would find many useful ideas and inspirations for the stylish design in the entrance area.

The meaning of the colors

framing the hallway with color

Color design in the hallway

Hallway design in blue and yellow

creative ideas hall design

Many reasons speak for the interior design with color. Through the successful use of the colors you can create a modern and pleasant atmosphere, make the room appear larger or smaller. Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that colors have a strong influence on our mood and feelings. You do not spend a lot of time in the hall, but its design is important for the holistic atmosphere in the apartment.

Color design in the hall reveals your own personality

Hall in light blue

Color design in the hallway

Entrance area dark wall paint

Light blue color accents in the hallway

creative color design in the corridor

Hallway design white and gray

Hall in light blue

modern corridor design

When it comes to color design in the hallway, you have a variety of options. First of all, it would be wise to consider what kind of first impression of your home you want to leave. As in all other rooms, the color scheme in the hall reveals much about the owner of the apartment – whether he is friendly, purposeful, quiet or rather reserved. No matter if you are an expert in the field of modern interior design or not – the wall color always has a representative character.

Better bright than dark colors

Hallway in dark colors

Hallway in bright colors

Color scheme in the corridor light gray

Color scheme in the corridor light yellow

Color scheme in the corridor red and yellow

Color scheme in the corridor red and orange

Which colors are actually suitable for the corridor design? It is recommended that you choose a light or sturdy wall color because most of the hallways often lack sunlight. Brown is also a good option because the warmer nuances of this color create a cozy atmosphere. This also applies to colors such as yellow, orange, red and light green.

Create the effect for more freedom

Color scheme in the corridor white and dark blue

Hallway color scheme in pink and white

originally decorated hallway

If the hallway is not particularly spacious, it would be an excellent idea for you to paint the ceiling and walls in different colors. If the ceiling is a little brighter than the walls, it can be seen that it has a higher height. In this way you create the visual effect for more freedom.

Color design in the hallway with pastel shades

Color scheme in the hall pastel colors

Hallway design Purple wall paint

Color scheme in the corridor Pastel nuances

Hall in light blue

Color scheme in the corridor Pastel nuances

Finding the right color combination for the hallway can sometimes not be easy. If you want a sociable atmosphere in the entrance area, try to color the hallway in pastel shades that flow into each other. They have a calming effect and create the feeling that you have finally come home after the long and tiring day. In addition, dark entrances in light pastel shades look more inviting and much more spacious.

Harmony of colors

modern design of the corridor

Purple wall color color scheme in the hallway

Hallway in bright colors

Another good idea is that the color scheme in the hall harmonizes with that of the next room. In this way, a fixed border between the entrance area and the other rooms in the apartment is missing. This creates the feeling of a natural transition from the hall to the living room, for example.

Set accents

Color design corridor

Color scheme in the hall white accents

Color design in the corridor Pastel nuances

You can also set accents with colors. Your hallway would look much more interesting if, for example, you set a nuance for the niches or corners that differs from the basic color of the walls. It also looks original if you paint the wall behind the hall furniture in contrasting colors.

Provocative color combinations

Hallway in gray and neon green

Wall design corridor pink and white

Color design in hallway wall decoration

Color design in the corridor provocative color combinations

Hallway interesting wallpaper

If the whole apartment is decided in neutral tones, you can treat yourself in the hallway more color. Interesting color combinations such as blue and yellow, red and green form a happy and original overall picture. But it is important that the nuances are not too bright and you do not use more than three colors.

Decor and color design

Interior of the corridor

Design of the corridor

The Farbgestltung in the hallway should also be coordinated with the device. Wooden furniture and warmer colors such as red, yellow and orange go well together, while blue and purple blend in with glossy surfaces and stainless steel fittings.

The role of lighting

Hallway LED lighting

For a successful color scheme in the corridor, the lighting also plays a major role. It underlines the important color accents and can make the atmosphere even more original. If you have a bright hallway, you can choose indirect LED lighting, which can create interesting lighting effects.

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