39 concepts for glass cabinets for each room design
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39 concepts for glass cabinets for each room design

Ideas for glass shelves

There are many reasons to love the glass shelves! They bring a modern touch to every room design and they are completely neutral. In other words, they are not there. This makes the glass shelves ideal for small spaces. They make the room big and bright and look stylish. From the bathroom to the hallway, you can use modern shelves in a variety of styles and designs. Everyone The holders can only be subtle or designed as a separate shelf. Take a look at our inspiring examples and get a better idea of ​​what types you prefer and where you can integrate them.

Classically, the glass shelves are connected to the bathroom

Glass shelves bathroom design

If you design the bathroom with bath or prefilled shower, there is always a niche for which you have no solution. Until now. The glass shelves fit every niche and are not only decorative, but practical for all bathroom accessories. A splendid decoration of the bathroom would be white with glass. The dark bathrooms contrast well with glass shelves. Integrate it in the niche, where the bathtub is or symmetrically on both sides of the shower cubicle. The glass shelves bring a clean and fresh look to the bathroom. Do not forget the ladies’ room, there must be many shelves! You can also create a modern touch at the wash area – with a lighted glass shelf.

A simple design of the kitchen with glass shelves

Glass shelves kitchen

If you find the big and heavy cabinets in the kitchen cheesy or if you do not have that much space, there is a solution for you – the glass shelves. If you combine the kitchen with the dining room in one room, you can use a glass shelf as a separation of the areas. These shelves provide enough space in the kitchen, where you have to hide many things. But the glass needs a lot of care, then pay attention to material. Our advice is to select noble glass or to combine different materials. If you have a window in your kitchen, integrate the glass shelves under it. So you have a beautiful view while you wash the dishes. Gorgeous and creative! If you want to have a bar area in your kitchen, but find no place, the glass shelves are the best place for beautiful glasses and full bottles!

Glass in the bedroom? What’s more modern?

Glass shelves bedroom design

Do not just connect the glass to the kitchen or to the bathroom. The glass shelves also find their place in the bedroom! But! You do not look cool! They add a touch of elegance to this space. Glass shelves also make cabinets like these look more stylish. And you can keep many accessories. This design is most suitable for a large bedroom. If you have smaller space, you can put a few glass shelves on the bed or in an unusable niche, such as a pitched roof. The dressing room is also very modern with glass shelves.

Glass has to be present in a minimalist style living room

Glass shelves dining room ideas

A whole empty wall, like this one in the picture, can not look better than with glass shelves. They also go very well with the empty corners and appear neutral. Glass shelves are available in almost all modern shelves. But you have the word, whether you design your living room only with glass or, for example, combine it with wood. But our tip is definitely – choose glass shelves with integrated light.

Glass shelves bathroom

Glass shelves in the bathroom

Glass shelves bathroom niche

Glass shelves bathroom design

Glass shelves bathroom idea

Glass shelves ideas bath

Glass shelves decoration bath

Glass shelves wall decoration

Glass shelves as decoration

Glass shelves in the cupboard

Glass shelves in kitchen

Glass shelves combination

Glass shelves shelf

Glass shelves kitchen niche

Glass shelves bar kitchen

Glass shelves LED

Glass shelves LED lighting

Glass shelves Office

Glass shelves square

Glass shelves in the bedroom

Glass shelves bedroom design

Glass shelves living room idea

Glass shelves study

Glass shelves triangle

Glass shelves in the hallway

Glass shelves design

Glass shelves kitchen design

Glass shelves with wood

Glass shelves wall

Glass shelves living space

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