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37 beautiful ideas for a fox tattoo


You have decided to have a fox tattoo engraved? Then you must know the following: Tattoos contain some essential elements of the personality and the spiritual confession. Every tattoo image has an important meaning to remember before choosing a specific tattoo design. Many tattoo pictures are divided into tattoo pictures for women and men. There are various types of artistic tattoo images, each of which has a special appeal. It is important to study each tattoo image thoroughly, with an artistic perception. What does a tattoo picture say about the people who wear it? Can you tell the exact meaning in each picture? What, in essence, creates a tattoo design image in your head? Tattoo pictures are more than just an ordinary show of artistic work.

Geometric Fox Tattoo

Fox tattoo

Animals are always a good idea for tattooing because we all have our totem. But one of those is especially trendy on the web: the fox tattoo.

The fox tattoo means intelligence, sexuality and fertility

fox tattoo meaning

An obvious choice to symbolize wisdom and nature is the Red Fox. He is the epitome of wisdom, magic and even sex in many civilizations: yes, “fox” means spiteful and sexy at the same time.

In stories of Japanese origin, the fox stands for love and caring

tattoo symbols
In Asia, the fox is a very popular tattoo design with a special feature: it has nine tails (or a different number). This is based on a legend from India, also known in Japan, where foxes are called Kitsune. These female demons serve the fertility goddess Inari, they deserve a new tail the older they get. They are also masters of transformation and tricks. In Native American and Nordic civilizations, foxes are often called tricksters, creatures that use their magical power to enchant people. They can be represented with a third eye.

Fox Tattoo – Fox with nine tails

Japanese fox tattoo
In Occident, fox tattoos are mostly influenced by children’s literature and dressed like humans, as in Roald Dahl’s novel and Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mister Fox.
The fox is the quick-witted, crafty creature with the fluffy tail, with a shimmer in the eye, always managing problems. Do you identify with the fox? We think that there is a little fox in all of us!

Not only as a tattoo motif but also in general, the fox symbolizes the cleverness

cloud tattoo

Fox tattoo motif on the back

tattoo nicole

Realistic back fox tattoo

tattoos with meaning

Hare and fox

cloud tattoo

Wolf and fox

fox tattoo meaning clouds tattoo tattoo nicole

tattoo meaning

tattoo meaning

Waterfox fox tattoo

Fox tattoo

Fox tattoo jump

Fox Tattoo Hasselich

Fox with wings

tattoo nicole

Fox Tattoo Spirit

Fox Tattoo Baurch

cloud tattoo Fox tattoo flowers

tattoo meaning clock

Fox tattoo geometry

tattoos meaning totem

Fox tattoo

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