35 inspiring craft concepts for stunning autumn ornament
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35 inspiring craft concepts for stunning autumn ornament

autumn table decoration DIY ideas candle holder

Autumn is almost upon us, so in this article we will give you a few crafting ideas for fascinating decoration that will help you to bring a happy atmosphere home! Our suggestions would make your home look nicer and more comfortable, and are especially easy to imitate, so your kids can participate in crafting – so the fun of it will be twice as big! Use our ideas as a source of inspiration and make yourself a fabulous autumn decoration, with which you will impress your family and guests! We wish you much success!

Making autumn decorations – inspiring ideas

Falldeko modern tinkering door wreath

DIY ideas decorate the fireplace autumnal

Autumn decoration modern natural materials pine cones

Herbstdeko modern craft ideas with natural materials

Autumn table top pine cones

autumn table decoration with corncobs

DI decorate the mantel in the autumn

Tinker with children Draw autumn acorns

Table decoration autumn pumpkins

Table decoration Autumn tealight holder with corn leaves decorate

Autumn decoration modern entrance area

DIY with children Autumn DIY ideas with leaves

No other season provides us with as many natural handicraft materials as fall – colorful leaves, chestnuts, pine cones, straw, pumpkins, acorns, corncobs and autumn flowers can be used to create unique indoor and outdoor decorations! Making a fall decoration on your own is also a creative and sensible task, for which you need nothing more than the finds from nature and your own imagination. Let the children help you – this is certainly a great way to spend time together and have fun, as well as to show the little ones how ordinary things – for example, chestnuts or dry leaves, with some creativity can become unique decorations. We hope that we have inspired you to try our craft ideas yourself!

DIY ideas – autumn decoration with pumpkins

DIY ideas Make your own autumn decoration

DIY ideas Fall decoration with pumpkins

DIY with autumn pumpkins

Paint and decorate DIY ideas pumpkins

Autumn decoration of modern painted pumpkins

autumnal pumpkin pumpkins

DIY ideas make stylish pumpkin decoration yourself

Tinker with children decorate autumn pumpkin

Autumn is undoubtedly the season of pumpkins, so we’ll show you how to use it to conjure up fascinating decorations! With the larger pumpkins you can decorate the terrace or the stairs in front of the front door, while mini-pumpkins are simply perfect as an autumn table decoration. The pumpkins can be varnished, carved and painted in any way – you can, for example, carve impressive patterns into a larger pumpkin, hollow it out and then put candles in the interior – so you get a glorious lantern for the entrance to the house! Hollowed out pumpkins are also perfect as vases for various autumn flowers as they are dense and can be filled well with water. You can also decorate pumpkins with decoupage technique – you should cut out of paper napkins various patterns (for example, leaves) and simply stick them on the pumpkin. Pumpkins are a great autumn decoration for the interior, so it’s best to choose white pumpkins. Design them in any color – for example, pink and golden and decorate with glitter and sequins as desired or label each pumpkin with a funny saying or inspirational quote. It looks really great, right?

Make autumnal table decoration yourself

Autumn table top inspirational ideas

Table decoration autumn natural materials

Table top Autumn napkin holder made of corn leaves

Autumn table top kitchen towels stamp

Table topped autumn ideas with corn on the cob

autumn table decoration with chestnuts

Fabulous decorations for tables and window benches are available, for example, by decorating candle boxes with pine cones, colorful leaves, berries, acorns or other natural materials of your choice. From this you should make small arrangements yourself and tie them together with a little flower wire. Then the arrangement is simply tied with yarn on the container and ready! Corn cobs and leaves are good for this purpose, but they are easily flammable, so you should be extra careful! For more security, opt for batery-powered candles or tall glass candle holders.

Crafts with children Autumn – great ideas with colorful leaves

Tinker with children Paint autumn leaves

Autumn decoration modern garland of autumn leaves

Autumn decoration modern bouquet of leaves

DIY ideas deco craft autumn

Crafts with children autumn crown mask

Tinker with children Autumn great mask of leaves

decorate autumnal table decoration shell

Tinker with children Autumn crown from colorful leaves

A delightful DIY idea that you can realize together with your children is to tinker with autumn leaves. This is really super easy and your imagination knows no bounds! But to keep the decorations you made longer, the leaves should not be damp – for this purpose, you can put the leaves in a thick book for a few days, or place them between two paper towels and iron them for a while. The colorful leaves, for example, make a beautiful garland, with which you can decorate your patio or living room. They are also perfect for table and window decoration, and they can also be used to make beautiful crowns and masks that will make your children happy. If desired, you can decorate the leaves with acrylic paints and spray with a little hair spray to make them durable.

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