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35 artistic upcycling concepts for house and backyard

Upcycling ideas DIY colorful vases

Upcycling is a relatively new trend that has become accepted as an alternative to recycling in recent years. This is actually called when old objects that you no longer need are not thrown away but used again – this time with a different application. With a lot of creative thinking and imagination, used, even broken things can make new, unique furniture, beautiful decorations for the home and garden and even fascinating garments – that’s not just a great DIY project for your free time, it’s the chance Save money! In this article you will find some fascinating upcycling ideas for copying. We hope you enjoy them and hope you enjoy crafting!

Creative upcycling ideas as an alternative to recycling

Creative Ideas Upcycling Women's Bags

creative ideas make chandeliers themselves

creative ideas Grater as jewelry stand

Creative Ideas Upcycling Soap Dispenser

Creative Ideas Upcycling Pen Holder

Upcycling has become synonymous with green, sustainable thinking, and for many people it’s no longer just a hobby, it’s a true way of life. If you have the garage or basement full of old and, in your opinion, useless things, this is the ideal recreational activity for you – upcycling will develop your creativity while doing something good for the environment. If the idea fascinates you, you should definitely try our great upcycling ideas! Of course you can not cover all possible variations in one article, but there are also a huge selection of creative ideas on the web that you could turn into reality.

Great shelf ideas to imitate

Wanddeko itself make shelf ideas

Regal ideas old ladder upcycling

Regal ideas creative upcycling

Shelf ideas upcycling

Shelf ideas upcycling shelf system from boxes

Shelf ideas books upcycling

Our first suggestion is for wall shelves, which are not only very practical, but can also serve as a beautiful wall decoration. Wonderful shelves could be conjured from skateboard boards, for example. If your kids have old skateboards, this is the perfect upcycling idea for you – just remove the wheels and place the skateboard board on metal holders that you have mounted on the wall. In the same way wall shelves can be made out of old books – they will not be damaged, and now and then you might as well eat them! Instead of old boards and books, can also the upper part of a suitcase on the shelf transform – it will immediately become a real eye-catcher in the room!

Original upcycling ideas: make wall decoration yourself

Wall decoration itself make bicycle parts

Wall decoration itself make of spoons

Wall decoration itself make pallet ideas

Wall decoration itself make knitting rings

Attractive wall decoration could be made practically anything with a little imagination and creativity! Do you have an old bike in the garage that you no longer need? Then you could remove the wheels and hang them on the wall. Photos can be attached between the spokes to create a unique photo wall, which you can really be proud of!

Pallet Ideas Garden

Pallet Ideas Garden Cabinet

Pallet Ideas Terrace

Pallet Ideas Garden

Pallet Ideas Bench build yourself

Pallet ideas patio furniture

From Europaletten can be mastered only with little expenditure of time and money wonderful garden furniture – a comfortable seat, original coffee table, or rocking chair, in which you can relax after a strenuous working day. There are many guides on the Internet about how to make furniture from pallets, and the photos above could inspire you.

Upcycling ideas: build a wardrobe yourself

Wardrobe itself build upcycling ideas

Wardrobe yourself build DIY

Upcycling Ideas DIY Wardrobe

Build creative ideas wardrobe yourself

Do not throw away the old cutlery! With it you could build a beautiful wardrobe yourself. Apart from spoons and forks, you also need an old wooden board. First you should knock the spoons flat with a hammer and then bend the cutlery over a cylindrical, hard object – as this requires some strength and skill, you could also ask someone for help. Then holes are drilled in the cutlery, and the spoons and forks are attached to the board with nails. Finally, the finished wardrobe is mounted on the wall.

Upcycling clothes

Upcycling clothes

from old, make new clothes

Upcycling clothing DIY scarf

from old to new make clothes upcycling ideas

Upcycling Clothing Yoga Top

out of old make new clothes yoga top

Make upcycling ideas yoga top yourself

make old from old clothes blouse with Peter Pan collar

Upcycling clothing creative ideas

from old make new clothes blouse

Upcycling is “in”, even when it comes to fashion. The old clothes you do not wear can be transformed into real masterpieces that will make you stand out from the crowd and catch everyone’s attention! The ideas in this case are also incredible: you could, for example, make old T-shirts a comfortable yoga top, beautify a blouse with Peter Pan collar or transform an already outdated garment in original scarf. We wish you lots of fun and success!

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