30 concepts for a profitable nursery design
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30 concepts for a profitable nursery design

The successful nursery design is no easy task – it not only demands style, but also creative thinking and a lot of imagination.

The nursery design as a challenge

original nursery design

creative nursery design

original nursery design

original nursery design

Children's room in white and green

For many parents, setting up the nursery is a real challenge. Why is this task so difficult? The nursery design differs significantly from that of the other rooms in the apartment. In addition, the children are growing and their needs are changing. That’s why the nursery design should be age-appropriate. Here are some handy tips and useful ideas that can help you to make the Kid’s room the right way.

Decorate the nursery with color colorful nursery

colorful nursery design

Nursery in yellow and blue

Jundenzimmer with wall painting

blue boy's room

boy's room

Girls room in Roza

original girl's room

Compared to the other rooms in the apartment, in the nursery not the neutral, but yours, but the colorful wall colors are to be preferred. The colors pink and purple are suitable for the girls room, and blue and red – for the boys.

Use templates

nice decor nursery

interesting children's room

Decorate the nursery with templates

Ideas for nursery design

Interior of the nursery

original girl's room

You can decorate the walls yourself by using different stencils – in the shape of squares, dots or spirals, for example.

Decorate the walls with beautiful pictures

Maid's room establishment

creative nursery design

Nursery design wall painting

nice children's room

interesting nursery decoration

original nursery decoration

If you are creative and can paint, it might be a good idea for you to paint the walls yourself. You can, for example, depict scenes or favorite heroes from the fairy tales. Your little daughter’s room can turn you into a flower garden, and that of your son – in a huge aquarium, painting the walls blue and painting a variety of different fish. Choose appropriate furniture and bedding for the wall decoration so that the overall picture looks perfect.

The flooring is also important

Mural Nursery design

The flooring in the nursery should keep warm even in winter and easy to maintain. A good solution in this case is the laminate.

Select matching furniture

Nursery Furniture

creative nursery design

Nursery with dark wall paint

Girl's room in purple

When selecting furniture for the nursery, one should consider that children need plenty of room to play and run. Therefore, a bed, a wardrobe and a dresser for the establishment of the nursery are quite sufficient. Most importantly, the furniture is both practical and space efficient.

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