29 fascinating concepts for snakes tattoo
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29 fascinating concepts for snakes tattoo

Why not a snake tattoo? Yes, it does not just have a negative meaning! If you’re a snake fan, you’re in the right place. We will explain the meaning and the history of this symbol and you can enjoy our fascinating picture gallery with a variety of examples. Symbolically, the snake is versatile and colorfully tattooed, it stands stunning on almost every part of the body. And what meaning a snake tattoo has, you can of course decide for yourself!

From the history of the symbol to the snake tattoo

Snakes Tattoo 3D Design Template

The history of the snake symbol comes from the Bible! It is connected with Adam and Eve, that is why people believe that they symbolize evil. But without the snake Adam and Eve would never have eaten the apple from the tree! But that is not the case with all cultures. The Romans, for example, believe that the god rescuer appeared in need during a plague epidemic in serpent form. In Rome, there were many temples where the god Asclepius was worshiped and the sacred Aesculapian gods were kept. You may know that the serpents in India and Asia are sacred animals of Buddha.

What does the snake tattoo symbolize?

Snakes tattoo on the head

Like most tattoos, the snake has many meanings as a symbol. It depends on your own belief. Many women associate with snakes, so this design is also preferred by female gender. The serpent simultaneously symbolizes death and rebirth, good and evil. As we said above, this tattoo can also be associated with the god. The serpent also stands for immortality and eternity. Tattoo the scales in color and use the body shape so that the tattoo can fit the body in a way that suits your body.

Most women choose a cobra tattoo

Cobra Snakes Tattoo is mostly preferred by women

The cobra simultaneously symbolizes femininity and danger. That is also the reason that women often choose this tattoo design. The cobra tattoo also has many meanings, as this snake is a killer and healer. The beast is known by the Buddhist religion where the serpent slept on the Buddha. If you have opted for Cobra Tattoo, choose King Cobra. She is as beautiful as she is terrible. If you tattoo this symbol, you show that you are not afraid of death. The cobra is still the guardian of motherhood and fertility.

Japanese snake tattoo

Snakes tattoo on the woman's back

The Japanese tattoo of snakes is considered a protector against disasters, bad luck and disease. The Japanese tattoo must be multicolored. Mostly the snakes are shown in Japanese tattoos as they shed their skin to show a fresh new skin. For the owner, this tattoo marks the beginning of a new phase in life, rebirth, regeneration and healing. Mostly, the Japanese snake tattoo is drawn with skulls, or with colored flowers that symbolize the divine femininity.

Choose the right body for your tattoo

Japanese snake tattoo on his back

Generally, the snake tattoos are wrapped around the leg and arm or simply tattooed on the shoulders or hands. If you want to show eternity, choose larger tattoos that are placed on the chest or back. Most of the time women choose their legs as a place for the tattoo, as this design looks sexy and provocative. No matter which place and which design you choose, the most important thing in the end is that you are happy with the tattoo. Get ideas from our beautiful examples or let your imagination run wild! Enjoy the beautiful picture gallery.

Snakes tattoo on the leg

Snakes tattoo in black and white

Snake Tattoo is wrapped tattooed

Snakes tattoo around the neck

Snakes Tattoo tattooed together with Phoenix

Snakes tattoo together with other animal

Snakes tattoo for the couple

Chinese illustration of snakes tattoo

Snakes Tattoo is provocatively portrayed by women

Snakes tattoo on the hands

Snakes tattoo on the stomach

Snakes tattoo with teeth

Snake Tattoo together with Tree of Life means rebirth

Snake tattoo is drawn multicolored

Snakes tattoo template

Tattooed Snakes Tattoo tattooed

Snakes tattoo women design

Snakes tattoo on the hand

Snakes Tattoo design with teeth

Snakes Tattoo Cobra

Snake tattoo with skull in Japanese design

Snakes tattoo with flowers in Japanese design

Japanese snake tattoo is drawn with bright colors

Snakes tattoo with woman

Snakes tattoo as a symbol of infinity

Snakes Tattoo King Cobra Snakes tattoo with teeth and tongue Snakes tattoo with tongue

Choose the right place for your snake tattoo

Snakes tattoo forms God

Snakes tattoo with knife

Snakes tattoo free template

Snakes tattoo with skull

Snakes tattoo templates

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