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28 concepts for bolt stairs – Easy magnificence

Immerse yourself in our luxurious world of stairs! When we think of stairwell, we are not just talking about functionality, but about elegance in interior design. The stairs are the creative finish in the design and play an important role in modern design. Treat yourself to a piece of simple elegance with the bolt staircase. You never thought about that and you have no idea, what is it? That’s why you’re right here. A bolt staircase is a self-supporting or free-hanging staircase, which convinces with its filigree design. The name of bolt stairs comes from the fact that the steps are connected by bolts.

Bolzentreppe conveys an elegant and cultivated home decor

Bolt stairs from Bolero

You can choose from many types of bolt stairs. Whether made of granite, wood, glass or metal, this type of staircase fascinates with an optically light and simple appearance. If you want to save more space, it’s best to opt for cantilevered granite bolt posts as they can be attached to the masonry. You also have a wide choice for railings – metal, stainless steel or why not without railings?

The advantages: Why exactly bolt staircase?

Bring personal touch in the design of bolt stairs

The bolt stairs can be ordered according to your individual ideas and wishes and bring a personal touch. The converted billet stairs, which can be adapted by the manufacturers of your home, look very modern. This type of stairwell is timeless and a long term investment, especially if you opt for granite. With its self-supporting construction, the staircase is suitable for both small and larger rooms. Another advantage is that the bolt staircase offers easy installation, even later, when you are done with interior design.

Our absolute favorite: bolt stairs BOLERO

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnjFZeHP5rs&w=560&h=315]

Bolero Bolero stairs offer individual design freedom and a light design. The staircase master offers not only a staircase, but staircase art. We have prepared for you a stunning picture gallery with creative manifold examples of bolt stairs. Let yourself be inspired!

Concrete staircase made of concrete is eternal

Bolts staircase made of concrete

Wooden bolt staircase

Wooden bolt staircase with stainless steel railing

Select converted bolt staircase

Bolts staircase with glass railing

Combine wood, glass and natural stones with bolt stairs

The bolt stairs were connected with bolts

The bolt stairs can be attached to masonry

Bolts staircase with LED lighting

Bolts made of dark wood look modern combined with white walls

Bolts staircase in white

Bolt stairs without railings look even more elegant

Bolts stairs are a real eye-catcher in the design

Combine wood and glass for the bolt staircase

Bolts staircase Without railings save space

Bolts staircase Without railings save space

Bolt Staircase is suitable for both small and large rooms

Bolts staircase in a black and white design

Bolztreppe has a classic petty appearance

Bolt Staircase by Krieger

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