25 stunning gel nails sample to mimic
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25 stunning gel nails sample to mimic

Gel nails pattern modern ideas

Gel nails are a total hit today – not only because they look beautiful and always shiny, but also because they enhance natural nails and promote their growth. In this post we present you with 25 wonderful ideas for gel nails patterns, from which you can draw inspiration for your own manicure. We hope you enjoy our suggestions!

Nail art designs – great design ideas for gel nails

Nageldesign Summer gel nails in light blue and golden

Gel nails in dark blue floral motifs

Nail art design gel nails pattern white and silver

Gel nails pattern stylish white and golden

Gel nails pattern impressive blue nail polish with glitter particles

Nailart gel nails heart pattern wonderful look

Nail art 2016 gel nails geometric motifs

Gel nails white floral pattern

French nails pattern of gelatin rhinestones

Gel nails glitter impressive design in blue and black

For gel nails you work with the so-called modeling, which is applied in three layers on the nail surface – base layer, make coat and sealing layer. Each layer is cured with a special UV lamp, and finally you also apply gel in the desired color. Working with modeling and gellac is not as easy as it looks at first glance. Although there are special sets of gel nails on the market, you should not be a beginner in nail design to get a professional result. There is a risk that you will damage your fingernails when painting, if you do not follow the instructions exactly. This type of manicure also requires some preparation – you should disinfect your hands in advance, remove the cuticles, file your nails and polish them until their surface no longer shines. But whether you go to the nail salon or want to do nice manicures at home, you could use the gel nails patterns in this article as a source of inspiration. Take a look at the photos and let yourself be inspired!

Impressive gel nails pattern for summer 2017

Nail art images gel nails light blue rhinestones

Fingernails design modern Gellak animal pattern

Nail art French gel nails lace marble effect

Nails Pattern Dark Violet Glittering Gellac

artificial nails gel coat pastel shades floral pattern

The photos above are an example of gel nails patterns that are currently very much in vogue. Especially bright this summer are the bright nuances and bold color combinations, such as great manicures in rainbow colors. You should absolutely try the gel nails with marble or ombre effect, in which two or three nail polish colors flow into each other. The manicures with floral and animal patterns, as well as those with geometric motifs are really hip, and can be designed with the help of stickers only for a few minutes.

Nail art 2015 beautiful gel nails in rainbow colors

Fingernails pattern Gellack pink and white leopard print

Gel nails pattern impressive design in purple rhinestones

Nail art design summer 2016 gel nails in light blue

Nail art French gel nails French ombre effect

Nageldesign fancy glitter gel nails

Gel nails spiked great ornaments rhinestones

Gel nails pictures original design in pink and golden

Gel nails nature rhinestones flower pattern

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