25 girls's hairstyles for shoulder-length hair
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25 girls’s hairstyles for shoulder-length hair

Shoulder-length hair is easy-care, looks very elegant, and so you can try a variety of hairstyles. In this regard, medium-length hair offers even more options than long or short haircuts. Here you will find inspiring examples of women’s hairstyles that are especially suitable for shoulder-length hair and guarantee your stylish look.

Elegant ladies hairstyles – romantic curls

Hairstyles Curl Hairstyle

Women's hairstyles

Curly hair shoulder-length hair

women's hair shoulder-length hair

romantic curly hair shoulder-length hair

Ladies hairstyles curls

interesting curly hairstyle

Hairstyles Curly Hairstyle

Ladies Hairstyles Curl hairstyle with original hair accessories

women's hair curls shoulder-length hair

cute curly hairstyle hairstyles

Voluminous curls emphasize the face and give you a charming and romantic look. Even the simplest plaited or braided hairstyle looks much more interesting when your face is fringed with curls. The classic curly hairstyle has many variations and all are just perfect for shoulder-length hair. If the curls are not natural, they need special and regular care. If your hairstyle looks unstructured and the hair falls over your eyes, you can braid the curls into a small side brace instead of using hair lacquer. So your hairstyle will look a lot more interesting.

High-set hair – the classic among women’s hairstyles

Updo Hair Bun

original updo

Ladies hairstyles Dutt

hochgesteckte hair lady hairstyles

classic bun

interesting topknot

Dutt updos

original hairstyle with hair accessories

There are many women’s hairstyles, but none is as common as set hair. The classic updo is also ideal for medium-length hair, and there are many different variations to choose from. Pin-up hair also emphasizes the face and is just perfect for official occasions. Your hairstyle would look even more original if you wave your hair in advance or try out a combination of braid and braiding.

Ponytail – the simplest hairstyle for women

Women's Hair Shoulder Straightener Hair Ponytail

interesting ponytail

The ponytail – the simplest of all ladies’ hairstyles, is typical of the sporty look. But if you style it correctly, the result can be very different. The ponytail can be transformed into a sophisticated braiding or really curly styling with a curling iron – the possibilities are incredible!


Flechtfrisur medium-long hair

half-open hairstyle with elegant braid

Interesting braid ladies hairstyles

Hairstyle shoulder-length hair

There are different hairstyles for shoulder-length hair – some are easy to do, others – heavier, but they all guarantee a stylish look. This women’s hairstyle is always up-to-date because it has a special and elegant look. The braids are feminine and perfect for all occasions.

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