25 extravagant toilet concepts for stunning sinks
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25 extravagant toilet concepts for stunning sinks

If you do not have a large bathroom at home, then add some bathroom ideas for your sink to expand to your storage space.
You can choose from two basic variants – the washbasin plate can be installed directly on the board or recessed into it. Before you decide, take into account that the open shelves make a lazier impression in smaller bathrooms, but more dusty. This disadvantage often forces you to choose a built-in washbasin, but it can make a small bath visually shrink. Also note that under the sink there is also a siphon, which makes the storage space a little smaller.

The bathroom ideas for sinks can be so extravagant

bathroom ideas for modern sink on black wall

Pay special attention to the quality of the connection between the sink and the furniture so that no incidents happen.
If you choose a built-in sink, make sure it is glazed along its underside, and do not forget the back wall, which may not necessarily be on the wall. In such a case not, if also hangs a mirror on the wall, it happens then that the unglazed part depicts. Such a bathroom suddenly loses its appeal.

The attractiveness of bathroom ideas for washbasins

bathroom ideas for modern wooden washbasins

Flushing deepened in the furniture need not necessarily have glazed their lower part because it is not visible. Just make sure that the height of the plates is less than the depth of the sink. You can use a sink that sits on top of the closet and covers the entire floor space. However, this should allow easy opening sore closing the door. This means that the doors of the drawers must open and close easily.

Sink in retro style

bathroom ideas for blue sink
It is easiest and safest to buy a manufactured assembly directly from the manufacturers. Remember that it is necessary to choose furniture that does not damage the humid environment under any circumstances.
If you want to combine the sink with a cupboard, always buy them together! On the other hand, they will not fit together.

Now take a look at some examples:

bathroom ideas for minimalist sinks

white ceramic sink

bathroom ideas for round porcelain sinks

designer round sink

wooden washbasin

futuristic washbasin with led lighting

square glass sink

Mirror above the sink

beautiful sink made of glass and ceramic

modern white porcelain sink

new minimalist sink

porcelain porcelain white porcelain sink

beautiful oval sink

modern natural stone sink

designer sink-shell-design-marble-resized

interesting white washbasin

Cone-shaped wooden washbasin

big wooden bowl

extravagant sink with curved lines

futuristic luxurious sink

identical sinks

small aquarium in the sink

illuminated glass washbasin

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