21 Inspirations for wooden wall cladding for each room
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21 Inspirations for wooden wall cladding for each room

Bring nature into your home with a wood wall covering. Immerse yourself in the world of modern wall design with our fascinating examples. The wood is very suitable for the country house style and is reminiscent of an aristocratic apartment. This wall cladding is not only suitable for classic old-style rooms. Wood has become a trend in recent years. The wood wall covering fits any interior and any room. Get creative ideas from our examples!

The wood wall cladding fascinates with warm charisma

Wood wallcovering interior design

Play with the colors, patterns and wood material, as your imagination says! But let designers advise you on which type of wood suits best. There are several variations – solid wood, old wood, split wood, or only wooden discs. You also have to decide first whether you only cover one or all walls with the wood wall cladding. You can also decorate only part of the room with wood as decoration. If you opt for real wood, we recommend to use pallets.

In which rooms should you cover the walls with wood?

wood-wall tiling-living room-design

There is no secret here. The wood wall covering is suitable for every room in the apartment and for every style! A bedroom, clad in wood, brings a warm and cozy atmosphere. Only a wooden wall looks very modern and exactly where the bed is. The others you can paint in white. The design is in trend 2016. It is also very suitable for living room. For rustic furniture or Baroque style combine with stone panels. If you opt for wood in the kitchen, decorate all four walls in wood and choose a solid table and chairs for dining room. This interior design is reminiscent of country style, which fits the kitchen. Do not forget the bathroom. Imagine a white bathtub and wood wall cladding … Clean and natural look!

Use wood wall cladding to create optical separation

Wood wall paneling as a separation

Combine wood and stone to create a modern touch

Wood wall covering a wall

Wood wall covering bathroom

Wood wall covering bathroom

Wood wallcovering bathroom design

Wooden wall cladding made of real wood

Wood wallcovering for hallway

Wood wall covering corridor

Wood wall cladding ideas

Wooden wall paneling in the kitchen

Wood wallcovering with stones

Wood wall covering bedroom

Wood wall covering bedroom interior design

Wood wallcovering black

Wood wall covering TV

Wood wallcovering in white

Wood wall covering living room

Wood wall covering living room

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