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21 fascinating nail modeling photos + directions

Have you ever dreamed of long well-maintained nails? The answer is only one – nail modeling! But what is that? The Nagemodellage is an artificial extension and reinforcement of human fingernails with the help of professional materials. With this method you not only have long and beautiful nails, but healthy, clean and well-groomed manicures! Have you already convinced yourself? That’s just the beginning. Take a look at our fascinating nail modeling pictures that will make your heart beat faster!

Nail modeling types

Nail modeling pictures

There are three different types of nail modeling: gel, fiberglass / silk or acrylic. You can try this variant in your manicure. But if you want to extend your nails yourself, you can do it with tips. The tips you can buy from almost every drugstore. You will find them in a form that you can then change according to your wishes and tastes. On the market you will also find prefabricated plastic nails with different designs and decoration that you can stick directly to your natural nails. We have prepared for you a light guide for nail modeling with acrylic. And since the videos speak better than text, you can also watch our video tutorials! From our stunning picture gallery, you can get lots of creative ideas! Have fun with your own home manicure salon!

Before you look at our nail modeling pictures, you will learn how to do it yourself

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A8mIxJWaCU&w=560&h=315]


Nail modeling pictures: instructions

The right choice of tips plays the biggest role. Do not choose tips that are too small or too long so that you can easily shape them. The first step of nail modeling is the preparation and disinfection of natural nails. If you miss this step, the acrylic may come off the nails later. Remove the cuticles and fine-tune the nails. You have to be frosted first. Gently drop the tip glue into the notch on the underside of the tip and then place the tip on the nail with light pressure. To get the desired length and shape, you need a “tip cutter”. Then the matting comes again. You’re done only when you can not see that it’s about an artificial nail. To make your nail modeling even more professional, work the finished nails with “primer” (bonding agent) and then with “liquid”. In the end, treat the nails with a nail oil.

Glitter nail modeling with acrylic: Video tutorial

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXNnKqyyqmg&w=560&h=315]

Nail modeling Images: Buy finished extension

Nail modeling Images: Bring personal touch in the form

Nail modeling Pictures: Prefabricated plastic nail

Nail modeling pictures: Use glitter for an eye-catcher

Nail modeling Pictures: Nail modeling is artificial extension

Get iden of our nail modeling pictures

Nail modeling Pictures: You decide the shape to your taste

Nail modeling Pictures: You decide the shape to your taste

Nail modeling pictures: The glued nails can be painted to your taste

Nail modeling Pictures: Glitter Design

Nail modeling pictures: You can buy these from any drugstore

Nail modeling pictures: Follow our instructions and design you can think up for yourself

Nail modeling pictures

Nail modeling pictures: Buy best longer tips

Nail Modeling Images: How to get to Acrylic Nail Design

Nail modeling pictures

Nail modeling Pictures: Acrylic Design

Nail modeling Pictures: Gel nails

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