20 humorous concepts for marriage ceremony footage
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20 humorous concepts for marriage ceremony footage

How long have you planned your wedding? Of course, these magical moments need more preparation! The day will pass quickly, but the memories will last forever. That’s why it’s so important that you have beautiful photos. But forget the boring wedding pictures and bring more color and fun ideas in your photos. With our creative examples you will reawaken the unforgettable feelings of your wedding. Let yourself be inspired!

The funniest wedding pictures are with the bridesmaids

Wedding pictures escalator

Of course, the most important people at the wedding for the bride are the bridesmaid. Think of your funny moments with your girlfriends and bring personal touch in the wedding pictures. You absolutely have to be with big smiles on their faces. A must-have photo is while dressing with the bridesmaid. The wedding pictures with alcohol in hand will awaken the memories of the night with the girls.

Bring the mood in photoshoot with creative

Wedding pictures creative ideas

The best way to create a relaxed atmosphere is with your closest friends. Share a bridal team and a groom team and play the happiness of your friends. Note, however, the number of people, so everyone can go on the stage. If you have common hobbies, you can also take pictures of these activities.

The bride is always a superhero!

Wedding pictures funny ideas

It’s always fun when the woman, or as in this case – the bride, is the dominant person. As you can see in the picture, you can only show it with a groomsman or a wedding picture of the young bride and groom. However, the bride deserves her own photo shoot. But do not forget the important thing – you create the best wedding pictures with your own events. It’s best to have some fun moments of yourself and your entire wedding party. And not last – the new bride and groom can kiss everywhere! The best wedding photo is with a kiss!

Remember your wedding like a movie

Wedding pictures team groom

Wedding pictures team groom

Wedding pictures idea with sport

Wedding pictures shoes

Wedding pictures Funny idea

Wedding pictures Bride party

Wedding pictures with alcohol

Wedding pictures team bride

Wedding pictures drunk bride

Wedding pictures idea

Wedding pictures creative ideas

Wedding pictures Extreme ideas

Wedding pictures party

Wedding pictures ideas

Wedding pictures Lambo

Wedding pictures team groom

Wedding pictures bar

Wedding pictures Supermarket

Wedding pictures for bride

Wedding pictures idea

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