20 fascinating design ideas for a watercolor tattoo
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20 fascinating design ideas for a watercolor tattoo

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When it comes to tattoos, most people imagine clear, sharp lines and dark colors, which is actually the traditional style. The modern tattooing art has to offer more – delicate pastel shades that run smoothly into each other and appear as if painted with a brush. These are the watercolor tattoos, also called watercolor or watercolor tattoos, which are currently among the most beautiful and popular trends in body art. In this post, we’ve collected 20 remarkable design ideas that can inspire you to get a watercolor tattoo. We hope you enjoy our suggestions!

To get a watercolor tattoo: What should one know?

Watercolor tattoo on wrist water lily

Watercolor Tattoo Cat Gorgeous Look

Tattoo Oldenburg flower watercolor modern

Tattoo watercolor geometric motifs modern

Watercolor modern tattoo rose on the shoulder

Watercolor tattoo small decent great design

Watercolor Tattoo 2 great design ideas

Tattoo Oldenburg Hummingbird watercolor

Watercolor modern tattoo woman

The first important requirement to get a watercolor tattoo is to find an experienced tattoo artist. For the gentle color gradients to the disappearance of the clear forms pose a real challenge for the tattoo artists. Therefore, if you achieve the best possible result, you should look for a tattoo artist who has already made watercolor tattoos. For the tattoo, choose a flat area of ​​the body where it can radiate in full beauty – the back, shoulders and thighs are better suited than, for example, the fingers or the ankles. Your skin type is also important here – characteristic of the Watercolor Tattoos is the luminosity of their colors and you would get an authentic watercolor effect only with a slightly lighter skin – just as it is with the water colors on the white canvas.

How long does a watercolor tattoo last?

Tattoo watercolor camera

Watercolor tattoo pen inspirational design ideas

Watercolor tattoo elephant modern look

Watercolor tattoo thigh tree

Tattoo Oldenburg watercolors

Watercolor modern tattoo mermaid gorgeous look

Tattoo watercolor red rose woman

Watercolor Tattoo 2 Design Ideas

Watercolor tattoo on leg flower

Watercolor tattoo tree on the back

A very controversial issue is this for the durability of watercolor tattoos. Because fading is normal for all types of tattoos, but as you work with watercolor tattoos with delicate colors and no clear lines, you fear that they would also hold less. Actually, this trend is relatively new, so you can not say what will happen with a watercolor tattoo in 10 or 15 years. But if you are worried about it, opt for a tattoo that is not completely watercoloured, or choose a body spot that is not exposed to the sun frequently.

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