20 fantastic concepts for contemporary wall design with ornamental plaster
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20 fantastic concepts for contemporary wall design with ornamental plaster

Decorative plaster mural beige and light brown modern

You want to renovate your apartment and change the wall design, but the conventional wallpaper seems too boring? Then decorative plaster is a wonderful alternative for you! Compared to the wallpaper is the plaster not only durable, but also fulfills some important protection features. To find out more and to collect some creative wall design ideas, read on!

Decorative plaster fulfills important protective functions

Decorative plaster two modern visions

Decorative plaster bedroom country style

Decorative plaster wall design wonderful look

Decorative plaster original color scheme white and gray

Decorative plaster modern look stripes pattern

Decorative plaster with shades

Decorative plaster gray modern look

Decorative plaster puristic concrete look

Decorative plaster corridor knows interesting structure

Decorative plaster hall marble imitation

As mentioned above, decorative plaster is characterized by its longevity – the plastered walls and facades can even last for decades without the need for renovation. The plastered walls also provide for the pleasant indoor climate, as they are not at all dirt-prone and do not absorb moisture. The plaster of wall cladding is also fire-resistant and has high impact resistance. But the most important thing is that it can fill in all the cracks in the wall – in old dwellings this is often a big problem, the solution of which you already know!

Decorative plaster – aesthetic properties

Decorative plaster corridor elegantly puristic

Decorative plaster Retro style Cafe

Decorative plaster Venetian style shades

Decorative plaster plant pattern silver original look

Decorative plaster Dark gray corridor interesting texture

Decorative plaster in line with the decor

Decorative plaster accent wall in the living room

Decorative plaster stone imitation living room

Decorative plaster bedroom concrete look

Plasters are made of different materials – especially sand, pigments and marble gravel, which determine their wonderful practical properties. A distinction is made between concealed – supporting underlayer, which can serve very well as a basis for wallpaper or tiles, and top or decorative plaster, which is used for the design of surfaces. Decorative plaster has excellent aesthetic properties – the walls that are designed look elegant and puristic, which is a splendid design solution that blends well with any interior design style. On the market you will find a wide variety of plaster types – from simple variants in white over those in concrete look to plasters with effective patterns and shades. In order to give the wall design an induvuduelle, unique touch, you can give the decorative plaster with the help of different tools – brush, brush, spatula, the desired structure and then make it colorful with a glaze. Indirect lighting, for example, can be very tasteful because it enhances the beauty of the wall design much better. Check out the photos in this post to see for yourself!

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