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20 Concepts for firewood shops to mimic

Here are some ideas for the perfect way to store firewood.

Today, heating with firewood gains particular attention among society. The fireplace now plays the main role in the living room. On the one hand, the fireplace reaches a warmer, cozy and romantic atmosphere, on the other hand, the wood heating is one nature friendly alternative to the conventional energy sources with fuel oil and gas through. So that the heating process is not interrupted, it should sparks properly between the chimney and the firewood. Here are some ideas for the perfect way to store firewood.

How should you store the firewood?

How to store firewood?

The storage of firewood is one of the most important factors that keep firewood on better quality. The burning of firewood is about having the firewood dried well. The better the firewood has dried, the higher its burning power or the radiant heat is. That’s why you should think about the perfect space-saving warehouse – shape, size, location. Anyone who wants to heat properly with a fireplace should think not only about the best firewood storage, but also about the optimal location for firewood storage. The ideal place to store the firewood is in well-ventilated and dry shelters, but also close to yours fireplace are. Without further ado we present some ideas for the right firewood storage.

Corner shelf for wood storage

Modern corner shelf for firewood storage

Do you agree that this corner shelf is a nice complement to the interior design of your living room? This idea for firewood warehouses is aimed quite well at all lovers of the “white and black” classic of home decoration. The shelves in your living room can not only serve as a place for books, but also as a stockpile.

Practical storage for storage of wood for outdoors

An exceptional stand for wood for outdoors

This wooden shelf is a real eye-catcher. Their striking appearance corresponds to their suitability equally. This firewood storage comes in an aesthetic look and you can build it not only inside but in outer areas of the house.

Floating stand for firewood storage

What is the best way to dry the firewood?

There is nothing better than a floating firewood storage. The floating shelves add a modern touch to your living room.

A bench in the garden as a place for wood storage

Creative firewood storage for outdoors

Whether you choose a bench in the living room or in the garden, the bench is a creative place to store the firewood. These trays are a combination of style and convenience.

Trolley for wood storage

How can I properly heat my house with a fireplace?

This storage for firewood is particularly well addressed to anyone who wants to store woodpiles outside. This DIY project for storage is easy and not time consuming. The necessary materials and knowledge that you should possess do not correspond to the generous result. So do not wait another second and build this handy portable storage!

Practical storage for firewood storage

Firewood storage in style

Similar to the round storage, which we have already shown, is this storage. It is more practical to use inside than the round tray because it saves space. This storage comes in a look that complements the appearance of the apartment.

Wicker basket for wood storage

Wicker basket for wood storage

Someone can still have a wicker basket at home. With a basket you can leave the wood stacks nicely beside the fireplace. You do not need a fantasy about it. Just walk quickly to the marketplace and buy a wicker basket.

DIY stand for firewood

DIY guide for firewood storage at home

There’s nothing better to do on the weekend than a DIY project that’s just right for beginners and professionals alike. This rustic-style firewood stand adds a warm feeling to the atmosphere in the living room. The mobile warehouse for firewood storage is the symbol of optimality. You should not carry the difficult pieces of wood from your garage to the living room with difficulty. With the help of this ingenious wood holder, you can make little effort.

A beautiful outdoor wood burning firewood shelf

A beautiful outdoor standing shelf for firewood storage

Console table for storage of the wood

Console table for firewood storage

Built-in shelves for firewood storage

Built-in shelves for firewood storage

Other ideas

Here are many great ideas on how best to store your firewood. Let yourself be inspired and transform the idea for firewood storage!

Where should I store the firewood?

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Modern Brenholzlagerung and many more great ideas

With this modern bench you can dry the wood inside!

How should I dry the firewood? - Build a shelf at home!

A stylish shelf for firewood storage

Hang these shelves on the wall for your firewood to dry

Ideas for generous firewood storage for imitation

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Ideas for stylish firewood storage at home

The firewood storage never looks as extraordinary as in this photo

stylish ideas for firewood storage

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