19 tendentious concepts for kitchen glass rear wall
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19 tendentious concepts for kitchen glass rear wall

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the apartment. There, one spends the most time preparing cuisines, drinking coffee in the morning, and gathering the family on various occasions. Therefore, the kitchen design should be given special attention. Everyone is looking for something modern for their own kitchen, which looks both beautiful and easy to maintain. For this reason, the kitchen tiles have recently gone out of fashion. Today, the glass back wall is very much in vogue in terms of interior design. In the following we show you some inspiring ideas for glass back wall. Let yourself be fascinated!

Kitchen glass back wall refreshes the kitchen in a special way kitchen glass back wall white

kitchen glass back wall colorful

kitchen glass back wall bright

kitchen glass back wall green

Kitchen glass back wall is the perfect way to effectively refresh your kitchen and make it practical. Currently, smooth and shiny surfaces are really hip. The bright materials of the glass back wall give the room an impressive appearance and could even visually expand it. In addition, such glass back wall surfaces are quick and easy to clean compared to the traditional tiles.

Kitchen glass back wall with and without motifs kitchen glass back wall yellow

kitchen glass back wall interesting

kitchen glass back wall purple

kitchen glass backboard creative

kitchen glass back wall decorated

kitchen glass backboard discreet

kitchen glass back wall stylish

kitchen glass back blue

kitchen glass back wall red

kitchen glass back wall purple

kitchen glass back wall impressive

Kitchen glass back walls can be chosen with or without motifs, depending on your own taste. Of course, this should fit the interior of the home. There are lots of motifs for the glass back wall with fruits, plants, butterflies, coffee beans and much more. For that you can decide if you want to create an extravagant look in the kitchen that attracts the attention. If you are more in the mood for a discreet interior, then single-colored glass back walls are the ideal solution for you! Of course, these could also be particularly noticeable when they are selected in bright colors. So you have a noticed accessory in the kitchen!

Kitchen glass back wall made of different materials kitchen glass back wall bright

kitchen glass back wall interesting

kitchen glass back wall modern

kitchen glass back wall discreetly

The glass back wall can be made of different materials. A simple glass pane is the easiest way to shape the back wall. This should be thick enough and attached to the bottom. Plexiglas and tempered safety glass are the next option, but of course there is a difference in prices. Caution: Plexiglas can not withstand more than 160 ° C! If there is talk of single-pane safety glass, then you must realize that this material is the most expensive of all for a glass back wall. The glass has the property that when this is broken, the fragments stay together and do not fall apart. This property excludes injuries, whence the name of the material originates. It is up to you to decide which material is best for your kitchen.


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