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17 Concepts for Selfmade Give Aways Marriage ceremony Items

Wedding Gifts Give Aways

The wedding day is said to be the best day in your life, so planning is a time-consuming process. When we plan our wedding, we think most about the guests, as they make their day unforgettable with their mood. There is no better way to say “thank you” than to prepare small giveaways for your wedding gifts. With our 17 ideas you will give your original Give Aways the perfect personal touch.

The value of Give Aways Wedding Gifts lies in personal use

Give Aways Wedding DIY

The gifts do not have to be big and expensive. Small giveaways reminiscent of the beautiful evening are absolutely enough. They do not have to leave any impression of the obligation on the guests. With ready-made materials, you can also prepare a homemade gift. Take, for example, classic wedding almonds and put them in colored heart boxes that you can buy or order from the store. So that you do not lose the personal touch, put in it also a card with your favorite saying for the love. Do not forget that the Give Aways must be matched with the motif and style of the wedding decoration.

Candy bags show that love is sweet

Give Aways Wedding Candy Tute

You can easily take Give Aways out of the kitchen or from the nearest store and pack them with love for your guests. Great ideas are muffins, biscuits in heart shape or in glass, homemade jam or just sugar in romantic packaging with the motto “love is sweet”. In order for the Give Aways to identify your wedding, stamp your name or wedding date on it. You can also design labels for jam yourself. A mixed candy bag would also be an original idea. If you have planned to set up a candy bar, your guests can fill a bag themselves.

Flower seeds – a symbol of growing in love

Give Aways Wedding Flower Seeds

Think of Give Aways, which can be considered a symbol. Make flower seed bombs yourself and make bags from old book pages. Choose the color of bags so that they fit well with the table decoration and put each guest in the square. Just let your inspiration speak! So your guests can take home your wedding.

Give Aways Wedding

Give Aways Wedding Place Ideas

Give Aways Wedding Cutlery

Give Aways Wedding Candy Ideas

Give Aways Wedding Candy

Give Aways Wedding Jam

Give Aways Wedding DIY Ideas

Give aways to make your own wedding

Give Aways Wedding Coffee

Give Aways Wedding DIY Lavender

Give Aways wedding jam homemade

Give Aways Wedding Samentuetchen

Give Aways Wedding Snapper DIY

Give Aways wedding sweets

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